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Beautiful Italian design and the most exquisite craftsmanship are the trademark characteristics of any Metal Lux lighting product. This well-established designer brand creates stunning lighting products using a unique combination of traditional and contemporary methods. All Metal Lux lighting solutions are created by expert glass and metal workers who use locally sourced components, like the finest Venetian glass.

At KES Lighting we are pleased to stock some of Metal Lux's best-selling pieces, which include pendants, flush and semi-flush fittings, floor lamps, wall lights, ceiling fittings, and table lamps.

Metal Lux's Astro collection is especially worth mentioning, as it consists of eye-catching pendant and floor lamps made of coloured curled crystal and 24-carat gold frames. Metal Lux's products are colourful, easy to customise, and long lasting. One of them is enough to make a statement of style and good taste, so start browsing this section and benefit from our secure online shopping options.

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