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Swarovski is a world-renowned and market-leading luxury crystal glass company, but what you may not know is that Swarovski make their own range of elegant lighting, not just crystal. As a trusted supplier, KES Lighting have an extensive product range of Swarovski cut lead glass lights.

Swarovski is not all show and no function though, as it also has what you would call standard lighting options that are elevated by the Swarovski touch of magic. Both crystal and bar pendants could lift any room, while wall lights are great for creating a warm atmosphere in any space.
On the other, colder end of the scale, the cascade of light-enhancing crystal tumbling out of the Swarovski icicle models makes for a true design talking point.

One line that is absolutely spellbinding is the Swarovski Starry Sky lights. Perfect for statement pieces in large rooms, as well as for low-maintenance areas - high ceilings, perhaps - the fibre optic light sources activates huge arrays of small, crystal units embedded in astronomical formations. Now you don't have to head out camping to lie beneath the stars.

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