Endon Recessed Spotlights

The ever popular spotlights will always be with us, but this selection of Endon recessed spotlights will allow any ceiling to be turned into a starlit sky. As the name implies, they are recessed into the ceiling and will look amazing in kitchens and bathrooms in particular. Consider also using them in children's playrooms, home offices, stairways and landings where they will look wonderful, as indeed they will anywhere a special effect is required. Choose from single, double or triple recessed lights to get the desired effect.

For something completely different, we at KES Lighting recommend taking a look at the gorgeous Halogen/LED Downlight - unique and spectacular with its nine blue LEDs and separate driver surrounding the halogen spotlight. If the best of everything is preferred, then the Aluminium Triple LED downlighter in cool white, with its adjustable angles could well be the one. The recessed spotlights range also includes a stunning downlighter in white, which is perfect for today's modern bathrooms and the preference for a white suite and smooth, clean lines.

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