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Art is a very personal, but one thing is for certain, you will only hang pieces which appeal to you. You may also have bought them because they fit in with your décor or perhaps they are inherited. Whatever the case, you will want to show them off to their best advantage, which is where our selection of Endon picture lights is invaluable. We at KES Lighting do understand however, that an Old Master requires a different style of lighting frame to a modern print or photo of your children or pets. You will discover that our selection not only comes in different widths, but also designs and finishes to suit any age or style of picture.

Some of the picture lights are suitable for all types of artwork, such as the brass plated light. The Satin Chrome Slimline is uniquely different and perfect for a piece of modern art or photograph; it also comes with a switch for convenience. See the Antique Brass which is definitely ideal when class and sophistication is called for. Our picture lights are also available in highly reflective polished chrome as favoured by many modern art galleries. Consider your pictures carefully and then the choice is yours.