Franklite Pendants

Everything from contemporary and minimalist to retro and period, this selection of incredible Franklite pendants has it all. The designs are so unique and beautiful, your imagination will run wild with ideas. This is not simply a case of trying to improve a dull room with some nice lighting, this is turning any room into an exciting and special place. The choice is endless: as a centre piece, over a dining table, in a hallway, conservatory or bedroom, indeed wherever you need to make a statement; this selection will certainly create exactly the look you want.

We at KES Lighting understand the importance of price and affordability, so we have chosen this range of pendant lights to suit all budgets; for example the Constellation. If you really want to go all out then this stunning colour changing lead crystal chandelier could be for you; it is around one metre in depth and operated by remote control. At the other end of the scale, there is the very beautiful, contemporary Vetross, with its gorgeous white satin glass and braided black cord. With finishes in satin nickel, gold, chrome and bronze, take a look in order to appreciate the uniqueness of this range.

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  1. Franklite 3 Light Satin Nickel Modern Ceiling Pendant CO9573/448

    Now Only £192.38 Regular Price £240.48
  2. Franklite 5 Light Satin Nickel Modern Ceiling Pendant CO9575/727

    Now Only £192.96 Regular Price £241.20
  3. Franklite Marquesa Chrome 3 Light Pendant FL2273/3

    Now Only £364.80 Regular Price £456.00
  4. Franklite Mosaic 6 Light Rounded Pendant Light FL2352/6

    Now Only £634.94 Regular Price £793.68
  5. Franklite Mosaic 7Lt Pendant Light FL2351/7

    Now Only £634.94 Regular Price £793.68
  6. Franklite Mosaic 9Lt Pendant Light FL2351/9

    Now Only £1,056.00 Regular Price £1,320.00
  7. Franklite Spirit Chrome Pendant. With Crystal And Glass Drops FL2161/8

    Now Only £508.80 Regular Price £636.00
  8. Franklite Tierney 3 Light Pendant Chrome Fitting FL2300/3

    Now Only £134.59 Regular Price £168.24
  9. Franklite Tzarina 13 Light Fitting FL2319/13

    Now Only £1,513.73 Regular Price £1,892.16
  10. Franklite Vetross Large Pendant 1 Light FL2290/1/953

    Now Only £130.27 Regular Price £162.84
  11. Franklite Vetross Large Red Pendant FL2290/1/947

    Now Only £122.02 Regular Price £152.52
  12. Franklite Vetross Red 3 Light Glass Pendant FL2290/3/933

    Now Only £253.63 Regular Price £317.04
  13. Franklite Vetross Satin White Single Pendant FL2290/1/921

    Now Only £110.11 Regular Price £137.64
  14. Franklite Vetross Satin White Triple Pendant FL2290/3/920

    Now Only £180.29 Regular Price £225.36
  15. Franklite Wisteria 15 Light Pendant Light FL2326/15

    Now Only £1,003.20 Regular Price £1,254.00
  16. Franklite Wisteria 1Twin Light Round Pendant Light FL2326/12

    Now Only £918.72 Regular Price £1,148.40
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