Franklite Lantern Lights

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  1. Franklite Pasillo 3 Light Bronze Traditional Indoor Lantern LA7001/3

    Now Only (incl.vat) £239.23 Regular Price £341.76
  2. Franklite Madison Chrome Finish Traditional Flush Lantern LA7013/3

    Now Only (incl.vat) £340.03 Regular Price £485.76
  3. Franklite Montagu Brass Finish 6 Light Hanging Lantern LA7009/6

    Now Only (incl.vat) £502.82 Regular Price £718.32
  4. Franklite Nerezza Hanging Lantern EXT6610

    Now Only (incl.vat) £166.32 Regular Price £237.60
  5. Franklite Madison Chrome Finish Traditional Hanging Lantern LA7008/8

    Now Only (incl.vat) £814.80 Regular Price £1,164.00
  6. Franklite Madison Chrome Finish Traditional Hanging Lantern LA7008/3

    Now Only (incl.vat) £414.62 Regular Price £592.32
  7. Franklite Madison Chrome Finish Traditional Hanging Lantern LA7008/4

    Now Only (incl.vat) £549.36 Regular Price £784.80
  8. Franklite Montagu Bronze Finish 4 Light Hanging Lantern LA7010/4

    Now Only (incl.vat) £394.80 Regular Price £564.00
  9. Franklite Atrio 12 Light Chrome Traditional Indoor Lantern LA7003/12

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,142.40 Regular Price £1,632.00
  10. Franklite Atrio 3 Light Chrome Traditional Indoor Lantern LA7002/3

    Now Only (incl.vat) £262.75 Regular Price £375.36
  11. Franklite Atrio 4 Light Indoor Lantern In Chrome Or Bronze LA7005/4

    Now Only (incl.vat) £520.80 Regular Price £744.00
  12. Franklite LA7000/12 Pasillo 12Lt Traditional Chrome/Bronze Lantern

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,050.00 Regular Price £1,500.00
  13. Franklite Pasillo 4 Light Chrome Traditional Lantern LA7000/4

    Now Only (incl.vat) £327.10 Regular Price £467.28
  14. Franklite Pasillo 8 Light Bronze/Chrome Chandelier LA7001/8

    Now Only (incl.vat) £596.40 Regular Price £852.00
  15. Franklite Montpelier Bronze Finish Traditional Lantern Large LA7007/6

    Now Only (incl.vat) £805.22 Regular Price £1,150.32
  16. Franklite Montpelier Brass Finish Traditional Lantern Small LA7006/3

    Now Only (incl.vat) £479.30 Regular Price £684.72
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16 Items

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Travel through time with these enchanting Franklite lantern lights. Inspiration has been taken from medieval times right through to today’s contemporary requirements. They will certainly have you considering your options, as these exquisite lights will look magnificent in any room which would benefit from an exceptional form of lighting. Once you take a look at this selection, we at KES Lighting feel sure you will agree that you have discovered something unique and very special. Choose from the many different shapes and styles, with their exquisite candle bulbs and gorgeous metalwork.

One of the most elegant in a range of sheer elegance is the Atrio, available in antique bronze with golden highlights or chrome for the more modern home, this gorgeous lantern with its 12 lights will look incredible wherever you hang it. If Victorian intricacy and styling, brought bang up to date is more your style, then consider the Montpelier, a hexagonal lantern with bevelled glass panels. Available in two sizes and a choice of bronze or brass, this will certainly make a statement. Our selection of lantern lights is offered to you at exceptionally competitive prices and we are happy to give you free delivery for all orders of £50 or more.