Grok Floor Lamps

This incredibly stylish selection of Grok floor lamps are all uniquely different. They are from up and coming designers who have a talent for creating the unusual to achieve perfection. We at KES Lighting have chosen our selection carefully to ensure that not only will they make a statement, but are also practical and functional. You may like LED, smoked acrylic diffusers or tinted glass, some even have built built-in on/off switches - all have a very special look that will enhance any area of any room.

For example the stunning Emy, which would not look out of place in a more traditional setting. It is not only very beautiful but also functional with its adjustable arm and light head. For the more contemporary look then the incredible Kubik is a true designer piece; so stunning you will not be able to stop looking at it - a real conversation piece. See also the Arc, perfect for any décor with its black, white or Ecobright finish which will look gorgeous no matter where you put it. This selection of lamps offer many amazing finishes from chrome through to satin nickel and all are of outstanding quality at very competitive prices.

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