Interiors 1900 Floor Lamps

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  1. Interiors 1900 Stanford Floor Lamp Brass Beige Shade 63620

    Now Only (incl.vat) £286.22 Regular Price £427.20
  2. Interiors 1900 Stanford Floor Lamp Nickel 63622

    Now Only (incl.vat) £228.34 Regular Price £340.80
  3. Interiors 1900 Stanford Floor Lamp Nickel 63624

    Now Only (incl.vat) £228.34 Regular Price £340.80
  4. Interiors 1900 Stanford Swing Arm Floor Lamp Brass 63621

    Now Only (incl.vat) £307.13 Regular Price £458.40
  5. Interiors 1900 Stanford Swing Arm Floor Lamp Nickel 63623

    Now Only (incl.vat) £264.52 Regular Price £394.80
  6. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Astoria Floor Lamp 63934

    Now Only (incl.vat) £257.28 Regular Price £384.00
  7. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Bernwood Floor Lamp 63946

    Now Only (incl.vat) £296.68 Regular Price £442.80
  8. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Bernwood Uplight Floor Lamp 63947

    Now Only (incl.vat) £278.18 Regular Price £415.20
  9. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Blue Dragonfly Floor Lamp 64069

    Now Only (incl.vat) £349.44 Regular Price £546.00
  10. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Country Border Floor Lamp 64028

    Now Only (incl.vat) £321.79 Regular Price £502.80
  11. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Flame Dragonfly Floor Lamp 64070

    Now Only (incl.vat) £349.44 Regular Price £546.00
  12. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Green Dragonfly Floor Lamp 70941

    Now Only (incl.vat) £602.88 Regular Price £942.00
  13. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Josette Uplighter Floor Lamp 64208

    Now Only (incl.vat) £304.72 Regular Price £454.80
  14. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Lelani Floor Lamp 64227

    Now Only (incl.vat) £306.32 Regular Price £457.20
  15. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Red Dragonfly Floor Lamp 70942

    Now Only (incl.vat) £516.86 Regular Price £807.60
  16. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Vesta Floor Lamp 64373

    Now Only (incl.vat) £360.19 Regular Price £562.80
  17. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Willow Floor Lamp 64383

    Now Only (incl.vat) £287.83 Regular Price £429.60
  18. Interiors 1900 Vienna 2 Light Floor Lamp 63747

    Now Only (incl.vat) £259.69 Regular Price £387.60
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18 Items

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Create a real statement in your rooms with this incredible selection of Interiors 1900 floor lamps. From Tiffany to elegantly chic, no matter what age your property, you will find the perfect lamp here. Use them not just in the lounge but also in a kitchen diner where a quiet reading or homework area is required. They also look gorgeous in a bedroom, providing an ambient light without the direct glare of an overhead fitting. We at KES Lighting are able to offer you a selection of different shades in such wonderful colours as duck egg blue, chocolate, cream and black.

If you are looking for something enchanting and very romantic, the aptly named Venus may well inspire you with its gorgeous curved lines. If versatility and elegance is more to your taste, then the Stanford with its swing arm could be the one. For the more contemporary and unusual, then the Vienna will certainly not disappoint, especially when a statement piece is needed. Finishes in our Interiors 1900 range vary from antique brass and nickel through to lead colour to complement the Tiffany shades, so the perfect solution for any colour scheme or style.