Interiors 1900 Tiffany Wall Lights

This surely must be Art Deco and Art Nouveau at its very best. Picture any of these stunning Interiors 1900 Tiffany wall lights in your home or business to see just how stylish and delightful they can be. With colours ranging from vibrant reds, greens and blues through to minimalist black and white and with many different shapes and sizes, these gorgeous lights will look amazing on any wall; modern with that classic, timeless appeal that is and always will be Tiffany.

If your preference is for the more traditional Tiffany designs, then we at KES Lighting have been careful to include such renowned classics as the Dragonfly Blue, which is so beautiful as to be almost revered with its gorgeous colours. If Art Deco is well-suited to your property, then you must see the Metropolitan or the Helensburg - perfect for any period or contemporary home. Perhaps a statement piece is what you are looking for, then Tiffany wall lights can offer you this too with the Dark Star in pearly creams and black - truly stunning and perfect for any room.

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  1. Interiors 1900 Dark Star Tiffany 1 Light Wall Bracket 64046
    Now Only £90.00 Regular Price £120.00
  2. Interiors 1900 Metropolitan 1 Light Tiffany Wall Light 64267
    Now Only £81.00 Regular Price £108.00
  3. Interiors 1900 Botanica 1 Light Tiffany Wall Light 63964
    Now Only £60.30 Regular Price £80.40
  4. Interiors 1900 Dragonfly Beige 1 Light Tiffany Wall Lamp 64101
    Now Only £87.30 Regular Price £116.40
  5. Interiors 1900 Dragonfly Green 1 Light Tiffany Wall Light 64104
    Now Only £130.50 Regular Price £174.00
  6. Interiors 1900 Ingram 1 Light Tiffany Wall Light 64186
    Now Only £62.10 Regular Price £82.80
  7. Interiors 1900 Mille Feux 1 Light Tiffany Wall Light 64280
    Now Only £90.90 Regular Price £121.20
  8. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Ashton Wall Bracket 63926
    Now Only £81.90 Regular Price £109.20
  9. Interiors 1900 Botanica Tiffany Flush Fitting 63960
    Now Only £178.20 Regular Price £237.60
  10. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Pearl Wall Light 64302
    Now Only £61.20 Regular Price £81.60
  11. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Jamelia Wall Light 64198
    Now Only £72.00 Regular Price £96.00
  12. Interiors 1900 Tiffany Brooklyn Wall Light WF163983
    Now Only £84.60 Regular Price £112.80
  13. Interiors 1990 Tiffany Astoria Wall Light 63940
    Now Only £84.60 Regular Price £112.80
  14. Interiors 1990 Tiffany Dragonfly Blue Wall Light 64102
    Now Only £95.40 Regular Price £127.20
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