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Never has lighting been more beautiful than with this selection of Kolarz chandeliers. Glorious designs with 24 carat gilded gold or chrome plated arms and curved, sensual shapes enhanced with the exquisiteness of hand crafted glass and multi-faceted crystals. They will not just provide stunning lighting at night, they will also look incredible during the day, as the sunlight catches the many reflective surfaces. Use them anywhere that you want to make a statement saying that this is no ordinary home or workplace.

Never has Murano glass been used in such a sophisticated and glorious way than with the Twister Rosy. This is interior design lighting at its very best and while being perfect for any modern home, would also look amazing in an upmarket restaurant or hotel. If it is a splash of colour that you are after then you must see the Explosion Bubble, an incredibly beautiful 30 light chandelier with handmade red Rigadin glass. For something delicate, reminiscent of a summer meadow showing the promise of spring, then the Daisy with its optic crystals could well be perfect for you. Regardless of which room that you are looking to light, any of the elegant chandeliers will turn something ordinary into something very special.