Metallux Pendants

Creative and spectacular, this selection of Metal Lux Pendants will inspire you to rethink your home or office lighting. In fantastic shapes and different sizes, you will discover that brilliant colours go hand-in-hand with clear glass, chrome and 24 carat gold plate - sheer extravagance at its very best for your modern property. Choose from surreal and futuristic through to minimalist and elegant - in Murano glass, finest crystal and intricately woven metals - perfection for any room.

The Goccia is a three light pendant that is sheer luxury and elegance, designed by Sandro Santantonio; its 24 carat gold finish and stunning crystals cannot be rivalled. Alternatively the Capriccio, available with one to nine gorgeous adjustable lights in many different colours will certainly get noticed for all the right reasons. Crystals come in a choice of colours including clear, red, black, amber and blue. The exquisite Diva is a wonderful example with its red flames curling round the delicate interior lighting and available with a chrome or 24 carat gold finish and a choice of different coloured glass including gold or silver leaf.

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  1. Metal Lux Astro 18 Light Clear Glass Pendant 206.190.01

    Now Only (incl.vat) £2,449.62 Regular Price £3,768.65
  2. Metal Lux Brick 1 Light Designer Ceiling Pendant 143511.78

    Now Only (incl.vat) £143.80 Regular Price £221.23
  3. Metal Lux Diva 1 Light Hanging Lamp 214.501.15

    Now Only (incl.vat) £143.06 Regular Price £220.09
  4. Metal Lux Diva 3 Light Ceiling Fitting 213.330.01

    Now Only (incl.vat) £268.25 Regular Price £412.68
  5. Metal Lux Diva 6 Light Hanging Lamp 214.150.04

    Now Only (incl.vat) £634.02 Regular Price £975.41
  6. Metal Lux Diva 6 Light Pendant 214.520.02

    Now Only (incl.vat) £953.74 Regular Price £1,467.29
  7. Metal Lux Diva 8 Light Hanging Lamp 214.180.02

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,137.97 Regular Price £1,750.73
  8. Metal Lux Diva 8 Light Hanging Lamp 214.180.05

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,137.97 Regular Price £1,750.73
  9. Metal Lux Flex Adjustable 18 Light pendant 128318.00

    Now Only (incl.vat) £488.15 Regular Price £751.00
  10. Metal Lux Gold Fire Glass Ceiling Pendant 142511.65

    Now Only (incl.vat) £226.91 Regular Price £349.09
  11. Metal Lux Gold Fire Glass Ceiling Pendant 142512.66

    Now Only (incl.vat) £461.75 Regular Price £710.38
  12. Metal Lux Star 1 Light Chrome Pendant, Amber Glass 215.125.06

    Now Only (incl.vat) £320.33 Regular Price £492.80
  13. Metal Lux Star 3 Light Chrome Pendant, Gold Leaf Glass 215.160.13

    Now Only (incl.vat) £858.00 Regular Price £1,320.00
  14. Metal Lux Star 3 Light Chrome Pendant, Lilac Glass 215.140.05

    Now Only (incl.vat) £456.46 Regular Price £702.24
  15. Metal Lux Star 6 Light Chrome Pendant, Magenta Glass 215.180.11

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,480.00 Regular Price £2,276.92
  16. Metallux Arena Clear Crystal Fitting With 36 Glass Elements 207.160.01

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,080.98 Regular Price £1,663.04
  17. Metallux Flo 36 Glass Elements Clear Pendant 227.150.01

    Now Only (incl.vat) £616.21 Regular Price £948.02
  18. Metallux Flo Clear Glass Elements 5 Pendant Plate 227.515.01

    Now Only (incl.vat) £322.16 Regular Price £495.64
  19. Metallux Flo Mirrored Glass Element Single Pendant 227.511.03

    Now Only (incl.vat) £102.71 Regular Price £158.00
  20. Metallux Impossible Venetian Style Large Matt White Pendant 240.105.02

    Now Only (incl.vat) £1,235.52 Regular Price £1,900.80
  21. Metallux Medusa Silver Leaf Pendant With Crystal Drops 195.130.62

    Now Only (incl.vat) £346.07 Regular Price £532.40
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