Swarovski Flush Fittings

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Elegant and sophisticated lighting, perfect for low ceilings, has never been more exquisite than with this selection of Swarovski flush fittings. Use them anywhere that a sophisticated, yet opulent type of lighting is required as they will look perfect anywhere. For the characterful property, position them in between beams and for the contemporary home they will create a magical lighting effect on an otherwise plain ceiling. Not only are these lights very beautiful, they are also extremely functional with their optimised light crystal technology, giving strong lighting and homogeneous distribution together with the stunning beauty of precision cut crystal.

The Sinor is the perfect example that will fulfil all needs in one exquisite light; not only has it total reflection but it is also non-glaring. Choose from finishes such as gold plated for sheer opulence or polished and matt chrome for the more contemporary look - either one will provide perfect lighting while being visually stunning.