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  1. Franklite FL2359/2 Chrysalis 2Lt Polished Chrome Switched Wall Light

    Now Only (incl.vat) £50.63 Regular Price £77.88
  2. Diyas Maddison 2 Light Rose Gold Crystal Wall Light IL31710

    Now Only (incl.vat) £114.97 Regular Price £156.00
  3. Diyas Inina 2 Light French Gold Crystal Wall Light IL32774

    Now Only (incl.vat) £111.88 Regular Price £151.80
  4. Feiss Gianna Hand Painted Silver Triple Wall Light FE/GIANNA3W

    Now Only (incl.vat) £139.86 Regular Price £222.00
  5. Feiss Bellini Bronze Wall Light FE/BELLINI/W3 Antique Quartz Crystal

    Now Only (incl.vat) £251.50 Regular Price £420.00
  6. Feiss Leila Burnished Silver Wall Light Sunflower Crystal FE/LEILA2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £124.74 Regular Price £198.00
  7. Endon Polished Chrome With Crystal 2 Light Wall Light HUDSON-2WBCH

    Now Only (incl.vat) £69.84 Regular Price £116.40
  8. Diyas Zanthe Polished Chrome 3 Light Wall Bracket IL30011 G9

    Now Only (incl.vat) £87.55 Regular Price £118.80
  9. KES Milano 2Lt Wall Light Crystal Ball Trimmings KES/600/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £194.40 Regular Price £216.00
  10. KES Hanna 2lt Wall Light Chrome Crystal Ball Trimmings KES/1631/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £107.57 Regular Price £119.52
  11. KES Padova 2 Light Chrome Wall Light With Crystal Trimmings KES/710/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £179.28 Regular Price £199.20
  12. KES Milano 2 Light Wall Light With Crystal Pear Trimmings KES/603/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £194.40 Regular Price £216.00
  13. KES Carmen 2 Light Chrome Wall Light With Crystal KES/5005/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £237.60 Regular Price £264.00
  14. KES Danio 2 Light Chrome Wall Light 30% Lead Crystal Balls KES/3721/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £354.78 Regular Price £394.20
  15. KES Asti 2 Light Chrome Wall Bracket With Lead Crystals KES/825/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £190.08 Regular Price £211.20
  16. KES Asti 2 Light Gold Wall Bracket With Lead Crystals KES/824/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £190.08 Regular Price £211.20
  17. KES Bologna Wall Bracket Chrome Finish Lead Crystals KES/172/1

    Now Only (incl.vat) £127.44 Regular Price £141.60
  18. KES Latina Wall Bracket Chrome. 30% Lead Crystal Spheres KES/4900/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £304.56 Regular Price £338.40
  19. KES Enna Chrome Square Wall Bracket 30% Full Lead Crystal KES/198/1

    Now Only (incl.vat) £185.76 Regular Price £206.40
  20. KES Treviso Chrome Wall Light Crystal Ball Trimmings KES/1403/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £95.04 Regular Price £105.60
  21. KES Taranto 2 Light Antique Brass Wall Light With Crystal KES/620/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £190.08 Regular Price £211.20
  22. KES Forli Twin Wall Light Chrome Crystal Ball Trimmings KES/411/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £168.48 Regular Price £187.20
  23. KES Catania 2Lt Gold Wall Light Crystal Pears KES/1525/2 P

    Now Only (incl.vat) £142.56 Regular Price £158.40
  24. KES Catania 2Lt Chrome Wall Light Crystal Pears KES/1524/2 P

    Now Only (incl.vat) £125.28 Regular Price £139.20
  25. KES Catania 2Lt Chrome Wall Light Crystal Balls KES/1524/2 B

    Now Only (incl.vat) £149.04 Regular Price £165.60
  26. KES Bella 2 Light Wall Light With Crystal Lozenges KES/120/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £213.84 Regular Price £237.60
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27 Items

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The sheer elegance of our crystal wall lights will create beauty in any space. Deciding on which type is right for your room will depend on whether you want wall lights for practical reasons such as reading or for sensational interior design ideas. We at KES Lighting believe that you can never have too much choice, because each space is different, so we have created a range of crystal wall lights which will give any area a stunning feel to it.

Price is important and affordability essential, so you will be surprised, despite the superior quality of the crystals, just how reasonable our prices are. From famous makes such as Schonbeck, Diyas, Elstead and Kolarz and designs ranging from picture and bedside lights, swing arm, LED, energy saving, lantern style and multi-directional, in gold-plated for the more traditional style of room and super-reflective chrome or black for the modern home, whatever type of crystal wall lights you have in mind, KES Lighting has the perfect solution. When your new wall lights arrive, if for some reason they are not right for your chosen space, we offer a free return service within 14 days. 

Crystal wall lights provide a simple yet stylish way to transform the look of any room and the beauty of the crystals as they catch and reflect the light, resembling the radiance of diamonds, will give you immense pleasure every time you look at them; creating an opulent look without the heavy price tag. We at KES Lighting will dispatch your beautiful crystal lights to you within one working day and orders over £50 qualify for free delivery. Ordering online and payment by Paypal is simple and secure and if you need advice, you can speak to one of our fully trained advisor's on 02476 317022