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Introduction To
Eco-Friendly Lighting

  • Replacing Your Light Bulbs
  • What Light Fitting Do You Need?
  • What Shape Light Bulb Is Best?
  • Reducing Electricity Consumption

The Recycling &
Disposal Of Old Light Bulbs

  • How To Properly Dispose Of Light Bulbs
  • How Can Businesses Dispose Of Light Bulbs
  • The Disposal Of ‘Old Style’ Light Bulbs
  • Replacing Light Bulbs Containing Mercury
  • Why Recycle Mercury Light Bulbs?
  • What Is Lamp Crushing?

The Various Types of
Efficient Light Bulbs

  • Traditional Light Bulbs
  • Halogen Light Bulbs
  • Compact Fluorescents
  • Linear Fluorescent Lamps
  • LED Lighting

The Future of
Eco-Friendly Lighting

  • Industry experts guidance on becoming more eco friendly