Swarovski Starled Kits 12 Light Wall Light Nickel Clear Crystals From Swarovski A9945NR000007


Swarovski A9945NR000007 StarLED Crystal Desire 12 Star Light System Nickel Frame

 **StarLED is also available with either daylight white (6700K) or neutral white (3400K) LEDs. Please select using the drop down menu above.**

Crystal StarLED combines precision-cut crystal an innovative LED technology. With its unusual effects, this lighting system creates a special atmosphere in a room. It makes ceilings and walls in relaxation areas and hotel suies sparkle - and can do the same in home bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Shimmering crystal united with light. LEDs ensure that Crystal StarLED is economical and easy to maintain and has an extremely long life. If you’re looking for an incredible lighting effect for your home, the Swarovski Crystal LED Desire 12 Stars Lighting System is perfect. This feature offers a wonderful effect for any room in your home and you’ll love the beauty and appeal provided by the high quality Swarovski brand. Order your 12 Stars lighting with KES today.

Crystal StarLED is available in various versions as a set. It is also possible to configure a lighting system using individual elementx, creating the best possible lighting effects individually for a specific room.

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LED Lighting system consisting of:
6 light fixtures with 12mm crystal
6 light fixtures with 25mm
12 universal mounting sleeves, transparent plastic
1 Electronic power supply unit with external plug-in connector block (primary voltage 100-240V, 50/60HZ, Secondary voltage 6V DC, Wattage 42w)
2 Distributor mpdule with 6 LED inserts

Technical Installation Requirements

Use: In all dry interior areas
Ceiling thickness: Between 5 and 25mm
Ceiling Cavity: At least 45mm
Recommended ceiling colour: Light colours (white, pastel shades etc) for optimum effect
Installation: In wood/plasterboard ceiling (provide inspection opening)
Ambient temperature: Between 0 and +30 degrees
Primary Voltage: Between 100 and 240v, 50/60Hz
Recommended area:2-4 m2
Weight: 1550g

Swarovski have been producing dazzling products at their Austrian factory since 1895. Their range includes spectacular chandeliers suitable for both dramatic entrance halls and intimate bedrooms, to transfixing down lights which can elevate an economical bathroom to sumptuous levels of luxury. Austrian cut glass crystal is renowned for its timeless elegance, classic sophistication and the breath-taking spectrum of lights refracted through every pendant, and Swarovski continues to lead the way in innovative crystal design.

**StarLED is shown in a nickel finish but is also available in a gold-plated finish. Please select using the drop down menu above.**

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