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Wall Lights

Interiors 1900 Penn 2 Light Wall Light Polished Nickel CA7W2N
Interiors 1900 Oksana Double Wall Light UL1W2N Polished Nickel
Interiors 1900 Willow Tiifany Wall Light 64389
Interiors 1900 63655 Stanford 1Lt Antique Brass Swing Arm Wall Light with Beige Shade
Interiors 1900 63658 Stanford 1Lt Nickel Swing Arm Wall Light with Beige Shade
Interiors 1900 CA1W2B Stanford 2Lt Antique Brass Twin Wall Light
Interiors 1900 63659 Stanford 2Lt Nickel Twin Wall Light with Black Shades
Interiors 1900 63657 Stanford 1Lt Polished Nickel Wall Light with Beige Shade
Interiors 1900 Stanford Double Wall Light Brass 63654
Interiors 1900 Stanford Double Wall Light Nickel 63656
Interiors 1900 Tiffany Bernwood Wall Light 63952
Interiors 1900 Stanford Single Wall Light Polished Nickel 63660
Interiors 1900 Oksana Brass Finish Double Wall Light UL1W2B
Interiors 1900 Tiffany Dragonfly Blue Wall Light 64102
Interiors 1900 Tiffany Astoria Wall Light 63940

Wall Lights

Sourcing high quality wall lights and sconces can be a big challenge. We have a longstanding reputation for only stocking the most established, well respected and trusted brands for wall lighting. Whether you need wall lighting for your living room, hallway or bathroom; we have a large selection to choose from.
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Help & Advice

What style is right for my room?

Your personal style and preference will dictate, we have selection that will cater for all:

Wall washer – these will sit close to the wall and usually have a diffuser at the base or the top of the light. This produces the effect of illuminating your wall with light, rather than there being a single beam.

Sconce – typically a candelabra design where the light is usually directed upwards.

Single – as the name suggests, a wall light with a single source of light.

Double – a light with two arms/light sources.

Picture light – perfect for showing off your favourite paintings and prints.

Can I use wall lights in my Bathroom?

This will depend on the fitting’s IP rating. An IP rating classifies the degree of protection a fitting offers against moisture and liquid.

Lights that are being used in a bathroom need to be rated IP44 and above.

Where can I use wall lights?

Wherever you like! Generally, they tend to work best in larger rooms when wanting to create a subtle ambiance, rather than using a larger single source of light.

Should I buy upward or downward facing wall lights?

If you’re looking to light up your ceiling and create a relaxed effect then go for upward facing. Downward facing will provide a more functional effect. Your other option is the best of both worlds – combined upfacing and downfacing wall lights will provide atmosphere and practicality.

How bright are wall lights?

Brightness of ceiling lights is measured by ‘Lumens’ – The higher the Lumens, the brighter the light. Please refer to this comparison table to see how Lumens rate in terms of wattage.