Recessed LED Lights

When considering deck lighting running cost are normally a consideration, as due to the stunning look that they give to any area of the home or workplace, you will want to be able to leave them on as much as possible. This is where the KES Lighting range of led recessed deck lights comes into their own. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, but the bulbs can last anything up to 50,000 hours. Whether you are looking for lighting for decking areas, entrance halls, pathways or a dance floor, you will be amazed at the choice that is available to you.

Perhaps you are looking for led recessed deck lights which will make a real statement, such as the Rhythm Swing Power with its gorgeous brilliant cut crystal set into its interior, creating an incredible asymmetrical reflection when placed close to a wall. Perhaps you would prefer lighting that changes colour, from red to green to blue: we have them all from such well known makers as Franklite and Swarovski. Choose from a selection of different casings, including stainless steel, black and antique brass and take a look at our Uplighters which can make incredibly beautiful features out of trees, statues and driveways.

Purchasing any of our led recessed deck lights online is simple and secure with payment through Paypal - and for further peace of mind your purchase will be covered by our 14 day free return policy. All our lighting comes with a minimum of 12 months guarantee and all orders of £50 or more receive free delivery. Not only do we deliver to the UK, but also Europe and many other international destinations. For more information, please click on our 'chat' or 'contact us' button.

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  1. Astro Vetro Twin LED Recessed Downlight 5706
    Now Only £117.67 Regular Price £173.05
  2. Endon Icen round LED Bathroom Recessed Ceiling Light IP65 ELIP8000
    Now Only £45.00 Regular Price £60.00
  3. Astro Vetro Square LED Downlight 5668
    Now Only £63.05 Regular Price £92.71
  4. Swarovski Rhythm Swing Floor Light A9945NR000022
    Now Only £1,350.00 Regular Price £1,500.00
  5. Astro Vetro Round LED Downlight 5704
    Now Only £63.05 Regular Price £92.71
  6. Astro Vancouver Round LED Downlight 5696
    Now Only £20.40 Regular Price £30.00
  7. Astro Ice LED Downlight 5579
    Now Only £40.37 Regular Price £59.38
  8. Endon Icen square IP65 LED Bathroom Ceiling Light ELIP7000
    Now Only £45.00 Regular Price £60.00
  9. Astro Aprilia Round Adjustable LED Downlight 5692
    Now Only £47.59 Regular Price £70.00
  10. Saxby Shield 600 & 400 LED 8W Recessed Downlight IP65 52010
    Now Only £29.26 Regular Price £39.00
  11. Swarovski StarLED Deluxe Alpha 6 Crystal Light System A9945NR000103
    Now Only £1,182.60 Regular Price £1,314.00
  12. Astro Aprilia Adjustable Recessed LED Downlight 5693
    Now Only £47.59 Regular Price £70.00
  13. Swarovski Crystal LED Pleasure 30 Star Light System A9945NR000025
    Now Only £1,674.00 Regular Price £1,860.00
  14. Astro Trimless LED Recessed Downlight 5703
    Now Only £64.60 Regular Price £95.00
  15. Saxby Shield800 LED Recessed Downlight IP65 52728
    Now Only £38.26 Regular Price £51.00
  16. Swarovski StarLED Deluxe Delta 6 Crystal Light System A9945NR000133
    Now Only £1,182.60 Regular Price £1,314.00
  17. Swarovski Crystal LED Delight 36 Stars Light System A9945NR000017
    Now Only £1,917.00 Regular Price £2,130.00
  18. Swarovski Crystal LED Desire 12 Stars Lighting System A9945NR000007
    Now Only £862.92 Regular Price £958.80
  19. Swarovski Crystal StarLED Relax 18 Star Light System A9945NR000009
    Now Only £1,096.20 Regular Price £1,218.00
  20. Astro Lenta Fixed LED Downlight 5629
    Now Only £40.58 Regular Price £59.68
  21. Swarovski Crystal LED Spirit 24 Stars Lighting System A9945NR000021
    Now Only £1,350.00 Regular Price £1,500.00
  22. Swarovski StarLED Deluxe Grace 6 Crystal Light System A9945NR000051
    Now Only £1,242.00 Regular Price £1,380.00
  23. Swarovski LED Deluxe Glory 12 Crystal Lighting System A9945NR000055
    Now Only £2,154.60 Regular Price £2,394.00
  24. Swarovski Crystal LED Deluxe Glamour 18 Light System A9945NR000059
    Now Only £3,234.60 Regular Price £3,594.00
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