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Outdoor Wall Lights

Feiss Baton Rouge Outdoor Walnut Finish Wall Lantern FE/BATONRG/S
£86.63 £165.00
Feiss Baton Rouge Walnut Finish Large Outdoor Lantern FE/BATONRG/L
£425.26 £810.00
Feiss Baton Rouge Walnut Finish Wall Lantern FE/BATONRG/M
£189.00 £360.00
Feiss Regent Court Outdoor Walnut Medium Wall Lantern FE/REGENTCT/M
£126.00 £240.00

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are great, not only for visual effect; but for security and safety. Our range of outdoor wall lights are all protected from the elements, and are IP rated. Take a look at our extensive range.
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Help & Advice

Is it possible to use motion sensors with my outdoor wall lights?

Absolutely – we’d encourage you to have your electrician fit motion detectors while installing you lights. Paired with LED bulbs, you’ll have 100% brightness instantly.

Do bulbs come included?

Always check the product specification section for confirmation – many come with built in LEDs. For those that don’t, we have a wide range of suitable bulbs available.

Are the fittings weather resistant?

Outdoor wall lights are built to withstand wind, rain, snow, cold conditions etc. They are categorized by an IP rating, which shows how much protection each light has against the elements. Each code has two digits, the first one represents level of protection against solid elements, the second liquids. If the number greater than 4 then the light is suitable for outdoors.

I live in a coastal area. Which lights are suitable for me?

Living close to the sea is an additional consideration as salt air is very corrosive. We would recommend not choosing aluminum or steel materials, go for corrosion resistant materials such as heavy duty plastic or brass.

Can I use an outdoor wall light indoors?

Yes absolutely, if you like the style and want to use it in your interior then there’s no reason not to – just be aware of the level of brightness that the fitting might produce and decide if that’s what you want.