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Swarovski MFC300 Infinite Aura LED Crystal Pendant Gold Frame

Please note that delivery may be between 8 and 12 weeks.

Swarovski MFC300 Infinite Aura LED Crystal Pendant Gold Frame

This remarkable ceiling pendant from Swarovski has a sleek modern design and features a ceiling plate with three suspension wires which support the fitting. The circular design holds integrated LEDs and light up the open base through the upright Swarovski crystals held vertically on the inside rim. The reflective plate above creates an infinite perspective creating depth. Aring of light is emitted through the base of the pendant which and passes through a diffuser for an infinite glow. Finally, a Swarovski ball-shaped crystal is lowered on a strand of smaller crystals that pass through the pendant and displays just under the pendant. 

Available in four finishes - Black, Glimmer Gold, Glimmer Silver and White. 

The light of the pendant can be controlled using an app downloaded through your app store*. Please see underneath video for more details.

Available from September 2018. Order now!

*Compatible device required


  • Width 76cm
  • Height 23cm
  • Hang Weight 5.8Kg