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Choosing Stairwell Chandeliers

Choosing Stairwell Chandeliers

It is such a shame that so much effort gets put in to accentuating the principal reception rooms that the first and original ‘reception’ room, the hallway, almost gets forgotten, especially where lighting is concerned. The entrance hall to your home is the first chance you get to make a statement, to say “This is us”, and such an important part of that statement is the lighting as it sets the stage for the whole ambience of your home. Without doubt the essential factor is ‘welcoming’ and never more so than in winter when you return home in the cold and dark. With the flick of a switch your whole mood can change and all because you have managed to create the right atmosphere with the right lights for the space and design of the area in question.

However, one of the biggest problems faced with hallways is ceiling height. In many substantial dwellings the entrance hall can often have a double, or even triple height ceiling, which almost immediately rules out the majority of pendant lighting. But there are excellent options available and all you probably need is some sound advice. Deciding on a light for your hallway and stairwell is one of the hardest decisions you will make, and strangely it is not the design that will cause you to think carefully, but the size. Hallways and stairwells are notorious for being deceptive in volume, and while we may know what size will best suit certain dimensions, that choice may seem too big to the uninitiated when not in situ.

In addition, because stairwell ceiling pendant lights can also depend on reflected light from a ceiling to increase the brightness, a chandelier hung from a second floor ceiling doesn’t have that luxury, so its size will not just be based on the space to fill, but the amount of light it is actually required to emit. But that works both ways. Making a statement is one thing, but dazzling people when they come to your house is not the ideal situation. Of course with any form of light you use in your hallway, if you can look down on it as well as up to it, then you must ensure it appears equally attractive from both perspectives. Too many pendant lights cater only from a ground floor up view.

The way your staircase turns, its design, the shape of half-landings, size and style of balusters and balustrades all have an impact on what type of central light you should have, and of equal importance, whether matching wall lights will help to complement and enhance the overall desired effect. There are many occasions where it is just not possible to create balanced and consistent lighting with one central source, and a lack of consistency to the backdrop of any pendant hall light can detract from the main feature. In instances such as this, wall mounted lighting, in a matching style, helps to ‘connect all the dots’ and restore a sense of calm and unity.

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