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Discover Ways to Light Up Your Home

Discover Ways to Light Up Your Home

Lighting plays an important role in both the aesthetics and atmospheric properties of your home. Therefore, choosing the right type of lighting, along with the perfect fitting, remains crucial. Lighting gives each room its own personality and of course, separate living areas require a different tone. For instance, a bright overhead light wouldn’t create the right atmosphere when entertaining guests for a dinner party. Here, contrast become crucial. Various light sources are required to create layers in your home and ensure it retains its much-needed comforting appeal. The last thing you want to be doing is passing off a flat and uninviting tone. Also, with spring now upon us we’re of course starting to welcome the lighter evenings and mornings, but unfortunately it can still be a little dark and gloomy. The good news however, is there are some excellent solutions for creating a wonderful ambience in your home. Take a look at the different lighting options to consider and discover how to produce the ideal atmosphere in your home.

Ambient Lighting

Before considering extra lighting layers for a particular room, it’s vital to first think about the ambient light. In our opinion this is the best place to start. When ambient lighting is mentioned, it’s typically in referring to natural sources. However, it can also be used to describe the existing light present, such as your bog-standard room lights.

Most rooms in your home will have an overhead light and in this instance, would be the ambient light. They typically produce a bright light - although this can often be dimmed if required. Nowadays you no longer have to consider a solitary incandescent bulb though and can be a tad more adventurous. Instead, there are some fabulous options to choose from – including pendent lights, track lighting and recessed cans.

One of the main drawbacks of ambient lighting is its garish nature. However, manufacturers are making improvements on this and when combined with accent lighting, helps to provide a stunning contrast.

Accent Lighting

To perfectly complement your room’s ambient lighting this spring, you should look into the possibilities of accent lighting. This is where style and creativity can truly come into play, with a range of incredible displays to choose from.

Accent lighting is that which is typically secondary to the ambient appeal. These fixtures can be wall mounted, table or even floor lamps and will usually have a brightness somewhere between three and five times more than ambient lighting.

How would this work in your home? An example would be choosing a beautiful chandelier as the ambience and then a series of wall scones to provide the accent. Accent lighting can also be skilfully used to highlight a particular feature, such as a painting.

Outdoor Lighting

It’s not just your home’s interior you’ll want to consider and with summer just around the corner, the chances are you’ll start to spend a lot more time outside. What better way to relax in the evenings than with a glass of wine as the sun sets in the distance – and with the right outdoor lighting you can prolong the experience.

However, despite the change in scenery, the basic lighting principles remain the same. This would mean having both ambient and accent lighting for your home’s exterior. What’s more, there are some wonderful choices to create a stylish and welcoming garden. Choose from stunning options such as patio lights, pedestal lamps, lanterns and spike lamps.

Reflective Lighting

A specific lighting source isn’t the only way to improve a room’s appeal and many underestimate the power of reflective surfaces. Mirrors, for instance, can help to better light up areas of the home by bouncing light and in turn, give the impression of certain rooms being bigger than they really are.

Crystal lights are also great at catching natural sunlight and casting a beautiful effect in the home too. Available in a range of stunning colours, reflective crystals create an enchanting appeal and produce mesmeric light in your home.

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is designed to create the right feeling in a particular room. You’re unlikely to want the same effect in your kitchen as you would a living room and therefore, mood lighting helps to create a cosy space you can snuggle up in.

Reading lamps are one excellent way to produce mood lighting, whilst we’d also suggest having scones placed further down the wall than usual. Why? Because this would help to make the ceiling appear lower and in turn, create a cosy environment. Combined with dimmer switches, you’ll be able to set the right mood at any time of the day or night.

Designer Lighting

If you really want to change the personality of any room in your home, a brilliant solution is with designer lighting. There are some breath-taking displays and features to choose from and regardless the room you’re looking to introduce designer lighting to, you’ll find incredible effects.

For those with a modern property, benefit from the sleek and contemporary lines from the world’s finest brands and provide your home with an elegant and sophisticated appeal. From ornate chandeliers to beautiful lanterns and stylish pendants, at KES Lighting you can invest in the finest lighting displays and create the wow factor in any room of your choice.

Choose KES Lighting to create the perfect appeal

No matter the room in your home you’re looking to introduce stunning lighting and beautiful features, you’ll find everything you could possibly need with KES. From beautiful chandeliers and pendants to outdoor lighting and LED spotlights, order your favourite designs online and at an outstanding price.

Enjoy free delivery on orders within the UK and benefit from a 14-day no questions asked returns service. Plus, if you’re looking for some great advice on creating the perfect lighting effect in your home, give us a call today and we’d be more than happy to provide all the expert advice you need.

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