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  • Why should I invest in designer lighting for my home?

    When decorating any room in your home there’s always plenty to consider. For instance, perhaps you’ll start with a colour scheme and then factor in fittings and furnishings to create that wow impression.

    However, one of the most important aspects when it comes to any room design, is the lighting. And unfortunately, for some reason many homeowners don’t regard lighting to the same level of importance as other elements of the room’s decoration.

    This is baffling at times, especially when you consider the amazing benefits of a stunning lighting display throughout your home.

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  • How to choose the right LED lights for your home

    The importance of choosing the right lighting for your home can’t be understated. Creating the perfect setting remains ever-important and with a range of stylish and sophisticated light fixtures to pick from, you’ll have the chance to set a unique appeal for each room.

    With so many options to consider though, you can be forgiven for struggling to decide on the right type of light fixture. However, no matter what you’re looking for, LED bulbs should now be in your thinking.

    LED lights have come on leaps and bounds over the years, now producing a wonderful light for your home that’s ideal for almost any environment. You only have to directly compare them to a traditional CFL to see their brilliance. LEDs offer instant illumination, whilst CFLs take their time warming up. Continue reading

  • Discover the best ways to light up your home this spring

    Lighting plays an important role in both the aesthetics and atmospheric properties of your home. Therefore, choosing the right type of lighting, along with the perfect fitting, remains crucial.

    Lighting gives each room its own personality and of course, separate living areas require a different tone. For instance, a bright overhead light wouldn’t create the right atmosphere when entertaining guests for a dinner party.

    Here, contrast become crucial. Various light sources are required to create layers in your home and ensure it retains its much-needed comforting appeal. The last thing you want to be doing is passing off a flat and uninviting tone.

    Also, with spring now upon us we’re of course starting to welcome the lighter evenings and mornings, but unfortunately it can still be a little dark and gloomy. The good news however, is there are some excellent solutions for creating a wonderful ambience in your home. Continue reading

  • Basic Concepts in Lighting

    Where would we be without electric lighting - in the dark ages for sure. We have come a long way since candle light and now take it for granted. However along with technology comes awareness and we no longer are satisfied with the traditional ceiling light. We want many different types of lighting to accompany it such as table lamps, floor and wall lights. Immediately any area can be transformed with perfect lighting to a work area right through to seductive lighting for that romantic meal for two.

    Each individual home or property owner knows what each room will be used for - whether it is a workplace or somewhere to relax - and it is important to know how to create the perfect lighting for every area. With today’s penchant for large rooms, they are often divided into separate zones, each with its own unique use, but lighting must still flow throughout while providing more and less where appropriate. Continue reading

  • Integrating Natural Daylight into your Lighting Design

    In the Altiplano de Granada, a mountainous region in Spain between Sierra de Castril and Sierra Nevada, there are many houses built into the mountains called 'cave houses'. To some they might be considered a desirable residence, but imagine once you have passed through the rooms at the front of the house, you then enter a property completely without natural light. Quite apart from any feeling of light deprivation and claustrophobia you might experience, think about the utility bills! Admittedly, this area has a wonderful climate for most of the year, so sitting outside is a great option, however relaxing in the garden in January, in your thermal underwear may well not appeal. Continue reading

  • Tips for Lighting your Bathroom

    What do you use your bathroom for? Okay – putting aside the obvious boring, but necessary stuff, consider whether it is a place where you can relax and unwind and does it put a smile on your face because it is so gorgeous. These days having a great bathroom is not considered a luxury but an essential - and you will have spent a lot of time and possibly money, choosing the right suite, tiling and flooring – but what about the lighting – get this wrong and no matter how much you spend on everything else, you will not achieve the result that you had in mind. Continue reading

  • Schonbek Chandeliers

    When you work in the field of interior lighting, there are certain names which stand out from the rest – names which relate to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. In the sphere if interior lighting we have our own versions of Rolls Royce and Bentley, and one of those names you should familiarise yourself with is Schonbek.

    The year was 1870 and the region Bohemia, home to the world’s finest crystal glass, when Adolf Schonbek decided the time was right to leave the safety of the family run business and branch out on his own. In next to no time Adolf Schonbek started producing the finest cut crystal glass chandeliers, to such exacting standards that his creations soon found themselves hanging in both Buckingham Palace and the White House. Continue reading

  • Murano Glass

    If you think porcelain, you think Delft or Limoges and if you think fashion, you think of Paris or Milan. However, when you think of glass, there is only one option – Venice. Renowned throughout the world, Venice is the home to glass and has been since the 8th Century. One can be even more specific, as there is Venetian glass and Murano glass. Murano is a small island off the Venetian coast and became home to the majority of Venice’s glassmakers at the end of the 11th century. The reason for the creation of a virtual enclave was a very simple and practical one. Murano had already been home to a number of glassmakers whose unique methods led to the specific Murano glass. However, there were too many fires in Venice and the results were devastating. Murano was a consequently more logical location for all the furnaces required to make glass, and in 1291 all Venetian glassmakers were obliged to move to Murano. Glass, of course, is not just for glazing and drinking vessels. Glass forms a great part of the character of many a home, and this will predominantly come from interior lighting, an aspect of interior design so often ignored by all but the professionals. Glass is used for everything from the most magnificent chandeliers, to the very light bulbs used in conjunction with them, and everything else in between. Continue reading

  • Choosing Stairwell Chandeliers

    It is such a shame that so much effort gets put in to accentuating the principal reception rooms that the first and original ‘reception’ room , the hallway, almost gets forgotten, especially where lighting is concerned.The entrance hall to your home is the first chance you get to make a statement, to say “This is us”, and such an important part of that statement is the lighting as it sets the stage for the whole ambience of your home. Without doubt the essential factor is ‘welcoming’ and never more so than in winter when you return home in the cold and dark. With the flick of a switch your whole mood can change and all because you have managed to create the right atmosphere with the right lights for the space and design of the area in question. Continue reading

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