Quoizel Lighting

Headquartered in South Carolina, Quoizel have been making decorative lighting since 1930 and in terms of style, veer towards the more traditional, 'homely' end of the market. Their luxurious lights are nonetheless varied, and hidden among the copper and glass table lamps and ornate pendant lights are some thoroughly original – sometimes even quirky – options.

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Quoizel Inglenook Tiffany Table Lamp Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ-INGLENOOK-TL
Quoizel Nicolls Table Lamp Mercury Glass ELS/QZ/NICOLLS
Quoizel Belle Fleur Tiffany Pendant Vintage Bronze ELS/QZ/BELLEFLEUR/P
Quoizel Byron Large Wall Lantern Imperial Bronze ELS/QZ-BYRON-L
Quoizel Chastain Tiffany Desk Lamp Vintage Bronze ELS/QZ/CHASTAIN/TL
Quoizel Inglenook Tiffany Floor Lamp Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ-INGLENOOK-FL
Quoizel Alahambre 2 Light Table Lamp Vintage Bronze Tiffany Glass Shade ELS/QZ-ALAHAMBRE-TL
Quoizel Inglenook Mini Tiffany Pendant Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ-INGLENOOK-MP
Quoizel Inglenook Tiffany Pendant Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ-INGLENOOK-P-A
Quoizel Inglenook 3 Light Tiffany Island Chandelier Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ-INGLENOOK-ISLE
Quoizel Monteverde Table Lamp Ceramic Glaze/Aged Brass ELS/QZ-MONTEVERDE
Quoizel Penn Station 3lt Pendant Western Bronze ELS/QZ/PENNSTAT/M WT
Quoizel Stephen Rod Hung Mini Tiffany Pendant Vintage Bronze ELS/QZ-STEPHEN-MP
Quoizel Newbury Medium Outdoor Lantern Aged Copper QZ/NEWBURY8/M AC
Quoizel Victory Tiffany Floor Lamp ELS/QZ-VICTORY-FL
Quoizel Marblehead 2Lt Flush Ceiling Light Palladian Bronze QZ/MARBLEHEAD/F
Quoizel Newbury Large Outdoor Lantern Aged Copper QZ/NEWBURY8/L AC
Quoizel Mantle 2Lt Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Polished Nickel QZ/MANTLE/SF IS
Quoizel Serena 3lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Chrome ELS/QZ/SERENA3 BATH
Quoizel Seaview 3lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Chrome ELS/QZ/SEAVIEW3 BATH
Quoizel Aldora 8lt Island Pendant Light Palladian Bronze ELS/QZ/ALDORA8/ISLE
Quoizel Alcott Large Semi Flush Valiant Bronze ELS/QZ/ALCOTT/SF
Quoizel QZ/ASHEVILLE/F Asheville 2Lt Tiffany Valiant Bronze Ceiling Flush
Quoizel QZ/KAMI/F Tiffany Kami 2Lt Vintage Bronze Ceiling Flush
Quoizel QZ/KAMI/P Tiffany Kami 3Lt Vintage Bronze Ceiling Pendant
Quoizel Emery 3 Light Weathered Brass Bar Pendant QZ/EMERY3P WS
Quoizel QZ/CARNEGIE8 IS Carnegie 8Lt Imperial Silver Ceiling Pendant
Quoizel Newbury Medium Outdoor Wall Lantern Polished Brass ELS/QZ/NEWBURY2/M
Quoizel QZ/CARNEGIE6 IS Carnegie 6Lt Imperial Silver Ceiling Pendant
Quoizel Chantilly Palladian Bronze Ceiling Fitting QZ/CHANTILLY9
Quoizel QZ/WHITNEY9 Whitney 9Lt Imperial Silver Ceiling Chandelier
Quoizel QZ/LAKESIDE4/P/B Lakeside 4 Light Vintage Gold Ceiling Pendant Fitting
Quoizel Emery Imperial Silver Medium Pendant QZ/EMERY/P/M IS
Quoizel Emery Palladian Bronze Medium Pendant QZ/EMERY/P/M PN
Quoizel Mottled Silver Leaf Semi-Flush With Mica Shade QZ/KENDRA/SF
Quoizel Heirloom Bronze-Gold Ceiling Light Crystal QZ/MARQUETTE6/B
Quoizel Mottled Silver Leaf Ceiling Fitting Ice Crystal Drops QZ/KENDRA5
Quoizel Cambridge Pendant Vintage Bronze ELS/QZ/CAMBRIDGE/P

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