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Table Lamps

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Elstead Leaves Table Lamp in Brown/Gold
£147.96 £270.00
Eichholtz Robbins Table Lamp in Matte Brass Finish
£793.00 £984.00
Interiors 1900 Sullivan 2 Light Table Lamp Tiffany Glass & Dark Bronze Finish With Highlights 64327
£165.00 £288.72
Elstead Morris Large Table Lamp in Gold and Black
£164.10 £300.00
Eichholtz Maui Table Lamp in Antique Gold Finish
Elstead Thistle Table Lamp in Gold
£156.50 £285.00
Interiors 1900 Tiffany Sullivan Medium Sized Table Lamp 64326
£217.00 £477.36
Elstead Black Birds Table Lamp
£160.98 £297.00
Quoizel QZ/KAMI/TL Tiffany Kami 2Lt Vintage Bronze Table Lamp
£185.00 £342.00
Samara Large Table Lamp Blue Tinted Glass Quintiesse QN-SAMARA-TL-LRG-BLU
£276.00 £450.00
Interiors 1900 Oksana 1 Light Table Lamp Antique Brass Plate & Clear Crystal 63523
£236.00 £428.28
Elstead Lena Small Table Lamp in Plum with 2 Lights
£188.00 £345.00
Eichholtz Fort Meyers Table Lamp with Crystal Glass and White Ceramic
Interiors 1900 Stanford 2 Light Table Lamp Antique Brass Plate & Beige Fabric 63648
£232.20 £338.98
Eichholtz Windolf Table Lamp in Nickel Finish with Shade
£693.00 £852.00
Schuller Norma 1 Light LED Table Lamp Matt Black with Brass Detail 225274UK
£197.00 £219.13
Masiero Crek Table Lamp 1 x E14 Brushed Brass CREK-TL1-G18
£860.00 £1,044.00
Eichholtz Newton Small Table Lamp in Antique Brass Finish with Shade
Elstead Apollo Table Lamp in Brushed Brass with White Shade
£206.92 £330.00
Eichholtz Arlington Table Lamp in Gold Finish with Crystal and White Shade
£693.00 £852.00
Diyas Kos 3 Light Table Lamp in French Gold with Crystal
£133.20 £222.00
Caspen Loja 2 Light Table Lamp Satin Brass Clear/Frosted Glass
£81.00 £165.00
Caspen Bulso 1 Light Table Lamp Gold Leaf Ivory Cotton Black Marble
£197.00 £379.50
Caspen Tome 1 Light Table Lamp Antique Gold Leaf Teal Satin Fabric
£239.00 £458.10
Endon Muni Table Lamp in Gold Effect with Clear and Gold Glass
£88.00 £200.04
Endon Muni Table Lamp in Chrome with Clear and Chrome Glass
£81.73 £204.84
Endon Ilsa Table Lamp in Matt Nickel with Grey Black Painted Glass and Mink Fabric Shade
£89.92 £225.36
Endon Leaf Freya Table Lamp in Polished Nickel with Dusky Pink Silk Shade
£108.00 £231.83
Endon Eternity Table Lamp in Matt Nickel with Clear Crystal
£165.00 £404.40
Endon Delphine Table Lamp in Gold Leaf with Ivory Cotton Fabric Shade
£130.00 £286.08
Endon Freya Table Lamp in Polished Nickel with Dusky Pink Silk Shade
£99.00 £167.42

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Table Lamps

Light plays a crucial role in setting the mood of a space, and with the right table lamp, you can achieve both style and functionality. KES Lighting brings you an exquisite collection of table lamps, perfect for every corner of your home. Whether it's the vintage allure of brass or the sleek appeal of modern designs, our range promises something unique for every aesthetic.

Have a penchant for reading late into the night? Or perhaps, you often find yourself working from your den or living room? Our versatile table lamps provide just the right amount of light, ensuring your comfort without compromising on style. Dive into our curated selection, which includes celebrated designer brands, avant-garde pieces, as well as timeless classics.

Expand your search beyond just table lamps with our exclusive range of bedside and desk lamps. Turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis with our elegant bedside lamps, which offer just the right amount of soft illumination. For those dedicated work or study spots, our desk lamps promise precision lighting, making sure you stay productive without straining your eyes.

With KES Lighting, every choice you make is backed by quality and style. We've curated a collection that caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there's a lamp for every home and purpose. Illuminate your spaces with our beautiful range and experience the transformative power of exceptional lighting. Dive in, and find the perfect lamp to grace your home today!
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Help & Advice

How much watt bulb does a table lamp need?

The ideal wattage for a table lamp depends on its intended use. For reading or task lighting, a bulb of 60-75 watts is usually sufficient. For ambient or decorative lighting, 40-60 watts should work well. Always check the lamp's manufacturer specifications, as they often indicate the maximum wattage allowable.

How tall should a table lamp be?

The height of a table lamp should be proportional to the table it's placed on. Ideally, the bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level when seated, which usually falls in the 24 to 34 inches range for most living room and bedroom setups.

How big should a lamp be on a table?

A general rule is that the lamp should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the table and the lampshade's width shouldn't be wider than the table's width.

What kind of lamp is best for the living room?

It depends on the living room's decor and purpose. For general ambient lighting, larger table lamps or floor lamps are ideal. For reading nooks or specific seating areas, smaller table lamps or swing-arm lamps might be preferable.

What type of table lamp gives the most light?

Lamps with clear glass or translucent shades tend to emit more light than opaque or dark-colored shades. Additionally, LED bulbs can provide bright illumination with less energy consumption.

Are LED desk lamps better?

LED desk lamps offer several advantages. They are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and produce less heat compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They're also available in various color temperatures, allowing for customization of the light's warmth or coolness.

What size lampshade do I need for my table lamp?

The lampshade should be about two-thirds the height of the lamp base. The width of the lampshade should roughly equal the height of the lamp from base to socket.

Where is best to place a table lamp in the living room?

Table lamps in the living room are typically placed on side tables next to sofas or chairs, providing task or accent lighting. They can also be placed on a console table behind a sofa or on a buffet table. The key is to balance the light sources throughout the room.

Do table lamps use less electricity?

The electricity usage of a table lamp depends on the type and wattage of the bulb used. LED bulbs in table lamps consume significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. For energy savings, consider switching to LED or energy-efficient bulbs.