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  1. Endon Satin Chrome 3 Spotlight Plate 813-SC

    Now Only (incl.vat) £32.40 Regular Price £54.00
  2. Franklite Shardice Chrome Bar With Glass Spheres And Strands FL2297/6

    Now Only (incl.vat) £124.00 Regular Price £200.16
  3. Astro Como 3 Light Bathroom Ceiling Spotlight 6109

    Now Only (incl.vat) £96.00 Regular Price £155.86
  4. Astro Trimless LED Recessed Downlight 5703

    Now Only (incl.vat) £63.30 Regular Price £103.75
  5. Franklite Rustica 4 light Bronze Spot SPOT8954

    Now Only (incl.vat) £151.44 Regular Price £219.48
  6. Astro Tokai 3 Light Bathroom Spotlight 6136

    Now Only (incl.vat) £106.34 Regular Price £161.36
  7. Frankite Lutina Four Light Chrome Ceiling Spotlight Switched Spot8964

    Now Only (incl.vat) £90.91 Regular Price £131.76
  8. Franklite Horologica 5 Light Polished Chrome Ceiling Fitting FL2305/5

    Now Only (incl.vat) £101.76 Regular Price £147.48
  9. Astro Fosso Surface Polished Nickel Wall Light 0630

    Now Only (incl.vat) £72.50 Regular Price £110.02
  10. Astro Minima White Recessed Downlight 5643

    Now Only (incl.vat) £11.45 Regular Price £14.30
  11. Astro 5750 Aprilia Round Adjustable LED Downlight

    Now Only (incl.vat) £54.02 Regular Price £77.17
  12. Astro Fosso Switched Polished Nickel Wall Light 0659

    Now Only (incl.vat) £77.03 Regular Price £116.88
  13. Astro Switched LED Bronze Wall Light 0660

    Now Only (incl.vat) £77.03 Regular Price £116.88
  14. Astro Tokai 2 Light Bathroom Spotlight 6138

    Now Only (incl.vat) £83.00 Regular Price £134.82
  15. Diyas Crystal Downlight Recessed Round Crystal Cluster IL30833CH

    Now Only (incl.vat) £15.04 Regular Price £20.40
  16. Franklite Shardice Chrome Bar With Glass Spheres And Strands FL2297/2

    Now Only (incl.vat) £49.60 Regular Price £73.68
  17. Diyas Clear Crystal Recessed Square Downlight IL30812CH

    Now Only (incl.vat) £11.05 Regular Price £15.00
  18. Diyas Clear-White Wine Crystal Recessed Round Downlight IL30821WI

    Now Only (incl.vat) £14.59 Regular Price £19.80
  19. Diyas Clear-Aqua Crystal Recessed Round Downlight IL30831AQ

    Now Only (incl.vat) £16.36 Regular Price £22.20
  20. Diyas Crystal Cluster Downlight Recessed Spotlight IL30805CH

    Now Only (incl.vat) £22.30 Regular Price £31.20
  21. Frankite SPOT8981 Lutina 1Lt Bronze Wall Ceiling Switched Spotlight

    Now Only (incl.vat) £27.66 Regular Price £40.08
  22. Frankite Spot8963 Lutina 3Lt Chrome Ceiling Switched Spotlight

    Now Only (incl.vat) £72.70 Regular Price £105.36
  23. Saxby Shield 600 & 400 LED 8W Recessed Downlight IP65 52010

    Now Only (incl.vat) £35.10 Regular Price £46.80
  24. Franklite Studio 3 Light Chrome Spot SPOT8943

    Now Only (incl.vat) £122.60 Regular Price £197.76
  25. Franklite Pixon White And Chrome Adjustable Single Spotlight SPOT8931

    Now Only (incl.vat) £41.23 Regular Price £59.76
  26. Astro Tokai 3 Light Bathroom Spotlight 6137

    Now Only (incl.vat) £99.46 Regular Price £161.36
  27. Eglo Rottelo 6 Light LED Spotlight Rail 90927

    Now Only (incl.vat) £137.81 Regular Price £237.60
  28. Astro Kamo 230V Fire-rated Chrome Bathroom Recessed Downlight 5622

    Now Only (incl.vat) £13.92 Regular Price £17.40
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Items 1-40 of 168

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Spotlights have become a popular feature in British homes up and down the country, helping to create a smart and sophisticated environment and ensuring plenty of light, evenly spread across the room. At KES Lighting you can find a fantastic range of spotlights available, ensuring to get the right design for your home.

We only source the finest brands and spotlight designs in the industry, with industry leaders from Europe and the UK providing a quality appeal. You can choose some of the biggest designer brands to complement your home and give your property a stylish appeal you’ll love.

Whilst it’s true spotlights perhaps lack an eye-catching display, they instead help to provide a number of other excellent benefits, such as durability, longevity and functionality. Spotlights have been improved and refined upon over the years, giving a focused reading light or subtle ambience. As such, spotlights are ideal for many purposes.

Among the variety of excellent spotlight designs at KES Lighting you can choose from recessed, surface-mounted and twin, triple and quadruple light units, as well as a variety of attractive finishes – including black, satin chrome, white and aluminium. This will all ensure the spotlight design will complement your room’s design.

At KES Lighting you can also enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50, whilst having a 14-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Order today with KES Lighting and transform your home.