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Outdoor Bollards


Outdoor Bollards

Bollard lights, with their sleek designs and focused illumination, are an excellent addition to your outdoor lighting solutions. They offer a perfect blend of style and practicality, illuminating paths, highlighting landscapes, and enhancing security in outdoor spaces.

Our range of outdoor ground bollards is designed to cast a wide pool of light, making them perfect for lighting up driveways, walkways, and garden paths. These fixtures create a subtle yet impressive lighting effect that not only enhances visibility but also adds a decorative touch to your outdoor areas.

While functionality is a key aspect, we also emphasize the aesthetic appeal of our bollards. Available in a variety of designs, from modern sleek styles to traditional lantern-inspired ones, our collection ensures that you find the perfect match for your outdoor decor.

The durability of outdoor ground bollards is another key feature. Our bollards are made from robust materials and designed to withstand various weather conditions. This resilience ensures they provide reliable illumination while maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

The outdoor ground bollards range at KES Lighting provides a stylish, durable, and practical solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Explore our collection and discover how the right outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor spaces into enchanting landscapes.

Help & Advice

Outdoor Ground Bollards are outdoor lighting fixtures typically used to illuminate walkways, driveways, and garden paths. They cast a wide pool of light directly onto the ground, enhancing visibility and safety, while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.
We offer outdoor ground bollards in a variety of styles, ranging from modern, sleek designs to more traditional, lantern-inspired looks. This ensures you can find a style that complements your outdoor decor and personal aesthetic preferences.
Yes, our outdoor ground bollards are made from durable materials designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. This ensures they continue to function optimally and maintain their appearance over time.
Outdoor ground bollards should be professionally installed to ensure safety and optimal performance. The process usually involves creating a firm foundation, wiring the bollard, and securing it in place. For specific instructions, refer to the product's installation guide or consult with a professional.
Outdoor ground bollards are most effective when installed along pathways, driveways, and around key features in your garden to illuminate them. They're also excellent for marking boundaries or highlighting specific landscape elements.