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Indoor Ceiling Lights

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Schuller Sphere 793269B LED 14 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant 3 Metre Drop Chrome Bluetooth Dimmable
Schuller Rocio 783517 LED Ceiling Pendant 5 Light Chrome
Multi-Arm 5 Light Bar Pendant Fitting Antique Brass And Opal Glass Parla REG/505064
Schuller Rocio 784347 LED Ceiling Pendant 1 Light Gold
Ideal Lux 094786 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Chrome Frame
Diyas  Colorado 4 Light Bar Line Crystal   Pendant Polished Chrome Frame IL31379
Quoizel Mantle 2Lt Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Weathered Brass QZ/MANTLE/SF WS
Multi-Arm 6 Light Ceiling Pendant Fitting Antique Brass And Opal Glass Parla REG/505050
Quoizel QZ/GRIFFIN/SFSWS Griffin 3Lt Weathered Brass Ceiling Semi-Flush
Schuller Evasion 381635 Single 9 Light Pendant Gold
Feiss FE/ADAMS/3P BRZ Adams 3Lt British Bronze Ceiling Globe Pendant
Diyas Maddison 6 Light Rectangular Bar Ceiling Pendant French Gold/Crystal IL31815
Schuller Nebula 584102 LED Ceiling Pendant 1 Light Chrome
Impex Gerda PG1702/03/CH 3 Light Pendant Chrome Ceiling Fitting
Schuller Nebula 584214 LED 4 Light Ceiling Bar Pendant Chrome
Feiss FE/BASKIN/P/B PN Baskin 1Lt Polished Nickel Pendant Ceiling Light
Feiss Fusion 3Lt Semi-Flush Grecian Bronze FE/FUSION/SF
Feiss FE/VALENTINA4 Valentina 4Lt Oxidised Bronze Pendant/Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Feiss Fusion 3Lt Pendant Grecian Bronze FE/FUSION/P/L
Diyas Coniston IL32800 Crystal 3 Light Small Pendant Polished Chrome Frame
Schuller Evasion 381628 Single 9 Light Pendant Dark Chrome
Diyas Maddison 6 Light Round Flush Ceiling Fitting French Gold/Crystal IL31811
Schuller Rocio 783741 LED Ceiling Pendant 3 Light Gold
Feiss Pickering Lane Heritage Bronze Semi Flush Ceiling Light FE/PICKERINGL/SF
Hinkley Wexley 3Lt Pendant Light Heritage Brass HK/WEXLEY/3P HB
Quoizel Emery 3 Light Weathered Brass Bar Pendant QZ/EMERY3P WS
Schuller Rocio 783529 LED Ceiling Pendant 5 Light Gold
Schuller Lipse 377523 LED Crystal 5 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant Chrome Frame

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Indoor Ceiling Lights

When it comes to choosing lighting options for your home or business, it’s important to make the correct decision. After all, the right choice could revolutionise the space, whilst picking poorly may lead to creating a low-key environment.

Ceiling lights will be crucial when it comes to this. They’re the centrepiece of the room and should not only provide a striking, unique appeal but also offer excellent light to all areas of the space. With KES Lighting you can find a whole range of excellent ceiling lights.

In fact, there’s something for everyone, so regardless of whether you’re seeking a discreet appeal or want your ceiling lights to be big and bold, KES Lighting has the perfect solution. What’s more, you can shop with us in confidence. We only source lighting from the world’s leading brands, including the traditionally British Elstead and Endon, to designer Swarovski and Murano.

We can also help you to find the perfect solution for your room and our expert team is on hand to assist. You can purchase online and benefit from our free delivery on all orders over £99, or even visit us in Bedworth.

Plus, with KES Lighting you can return your purchase within 14 days with no questions asked. Order online today and revolutionise your home with KES Lighting.

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Help & Advice

Why are ceiling lights important?

At a practical level, ceiling lights act as the main source of light within a space. Getting your ceiling lighting right will set the ambience and tone and help your room look its very best - in many situations a great ceiling light will act as the focal point of the whole room. Find a ceiling light that will add a whole new level of visual interest and complete your perfect interior!

What are the main types of ceiling light?

Flush Lights – flat attachments mounted on your ceiling with no gap. A very versatile style where you can easily find fixtures for whichever function or room you are looking for.

Semi Flush – lights that are attached with a short stem to create a gap. Semi flush lights are common in kitchens and dining rooms.

Spotlights – adjustable lights that are often used to highlight a particular area of a room.

Recessed Spotlights - Ideal for rooms with a low ceiling - Recessed Spotlights are mounted into the ceiling. They are great for creating ambience.

Pendant Lights – a hanging fitting, usually with a single source of light.

Chandeliers – a decorative hanging fitting with branches for several types of bulb. The perfect centrepiece fitting for a room.

Should I go for a flush or semi flush light?

This will always be a question of personal preference. One thing to consider - A flush fixture directs light into the room, while a semi flush will direct light down and up at the ceiling at the same time. The effect will make a small room feel more spacious and your ceiling higher.

Are ceiling lights easy to install?

Generally speaking, it’s pretty straightforward. However, we would always recommend leaving it to a qualified electrician.

Are ceiling lights dimmable?

Many fittings already have dimmable functionality built in. For those that don’t, you’ll be able use dimmable bulbs and get your electrician to install the compatible dimmer that corresponds to your fitting. Any questions? Give us a call or ping us on our live chat.

Are bulbs usually included?

For many fittings yes, they are included. Please always check the product specification details for confirmation. KES have a large section of bulbs available for those fittings where not included.

Can I use a ceiling light in my bathroom?

This will depend on the fitting’s IP rating. An IP rating classifies the degree of protection a fitting offers against moisture and liquid.

Lights that are being used in a bathroom need to be rated IP44 and above.

Please get in touch with us if you need help clarifying whether a ‘non bathroom’ specific ceiling light would be suitable for use in your bathroom.

How bright are ceiling lights?

Brightness of ceiling lights is measured by ‘Lumens’ – The higher the Lumens, the brighter the light. Please refer to this comparison table to see how Lumens rate in terms of wattage.

Are LED ceiling lights bright?

LED lights offer bright illumination while conserving energy, they last approximately 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Do you stock ceiling lights with fans?

Absolutely. Please click here to see our collection of ceiling fans with lights.