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Indoor Ceiling Lights


Indoor Ceiling Lights

Choosing ceiling lights is one of the best parts of any interior design project. Or maybe you just need to liven up a room with something new?

All too often, people leave 'tired' ceiling lights where they are for far too long – convinced that changing for a new one will be too much effort or too expensive.

In fact, we cover all tastes. We have hundreds more sensational mid-priced ceiling lights, and even a fair few (300-plus) priced at £2,000 and above. Can we let you in on a secret? When people start to fully appreciate the transformative nature of great ceiling lighting, they become hooked!

Light Fittings

When adding ceiling light fittings, there are a number of things to consider. One is the weight of your intended light – is your ceiling strong enough to support it?

Another is the type of light you are looking for. Do you want a light that will sit flush with the ceiling? Or do you want a semi-flush fitting, which hangs down just a little (typically 6-12 inches).

The largest range is undoubtedly what's known as pendant lights or suspended lighting: these can hang down anything from a few inches to a dozen feet or more. Do make sure you have the requisite amount of drop space before ordering – or feel free to contact our expert team for help.

Other types of ceiling light include chandeliers and kitchen island lights. There are even kitchen island chandeliers!

If you browse through our collection, you'll see lights of all shapes, sizes and styles, including numerous modern ceiling lights. A helpful tip – click on a picture when scrolling through and you'll often see additional images of that light installed in a property.

Help & Advice

At a practical level, ceiling lights act as the main source of light within a space. Getting your ceiling lighting right will set the ambience and tone and help your room look its very best - in many situations a great ceiling light will act as the focal point of the whole room. Find a ceiling light that will add a whole new level of visual interest and complete your perfect interior!

Flush Lights – flat attachments mounted on your ceiling with no gap. A very versatile style where you can easily find fixtures for whichever function or room you are looking for.

Semi Flush – lights that are attached with a short stem to create a gap. Semi flush lights are common in kitchens and dining rooms.

Spotlights – adjustable lights that are often used to highlight a particular area of a room.

Recessed Spotlights - Ideal for rooms with a low ceiling - Recessed Spotlights are mounted into the ceiling. They are great for creating ambience.

Pendant Lights – a hanging fitting, usually with a single source of light.

Chandeliers – a decorative hanging fitting with branches for several types of bulb. The perfect centrepiece fitting for a room.

This will always be a question of personal preference. One thing to consider - A flush fixture directs light into the room, while a semi flush will direct light down and up at the ceiling at the same time. The effect will make a small room feel more spacious and your ceiling higher.
Many do – which is why we stock them! With most ceiling fans, you don't need to have the fan and the light on at the same time if you don't want to. On a hot summer's day, ceiling fans can be a godsend – they're also great left on all night after one of the British 'sizzlers' we've had recently.
Many fittings already have dimmable functionality built in. For those that don’t, you’ll be able use dimmable bulbs and get your electrician to install the compatible dimmer that corresponds to your fitting. Any questions? Give us a call or ping us on our live chat.
For many fittings yes, they are included. Please always check the product specification details for confirmation. KES have a large section of bulbs available for those fittings where not included.

This will depend on the fitting’s IP rating. An IP rating classifies the degree of protection a fitting offers against moisture and liquid.

Lights that are being used in a bathroom need to be rated IP44 and above.

Please get in touch with us if you need help clarifying whether a ‘non bathroom’ specific ceiling light would be suitable for use in your bathroom.

Brightness of ceiling lights is measured by ‘Lumens’ – The higher the Lumens, the brighter the light. Please refer to this comparison table to see how Lumens rate in terms of wattage.

When a light has multiple lights that are attached to a single 'body' and powered by a single source, we call it a multi-arm pendant. Some are chandelier-like in their appearance, others can be more industrial.
Absolutely. Please click here to see our collection of ceiling fans with lights.