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Tag: Daylight Layering

  1. Basic Concepts in Lighting

    Basic Concepts in Lighting Where would we be without electric lighting - in the dark ages for sure. We have come a long way since candle light and now take it for granted. However along with technology comes awareness and we no longer are satisfied with the traditional ceiling light. We want many different types of lighting to accompany it such as table lamps, floor and wall Read more...
  2. Integrating Natural Daylight into your Lighting Design

    Integrating Natural Daylight into your Lighting Design In the Altiplano de Granada, a mountainous region in Spain between Sierra de Castril and Sierra Nevada, there are many houses built into the mountains called 'cave houses'. To some they might be considered a desirable residence, but imagine once you have passed through the rooms at the front of the house, you then enter a property completely Read more...

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