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Kitchen Lights


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Ideal Lux 094786 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Chrome Frame
£195.00 £252.00
Caspen Oakley Park Hammered Copper Pendant Fitting in Dusk CAS/105077
£375.68 £417.42
Masiero Ola Ceiling Large 160cm Island Pendant 6 x E14 Matt Bronze Warm Colours OLA-S6-OV-160-V83
£2,600.00 £2,688.00
Regent Cholet 102x9cm Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting Chandelier 5 Light E14 Gold Crystal
£425.00 £597.00
Masiero Crek Ceiling Large 123cm Bar Pendant 14 x E14 Brushed Brass CREK-S14-G18
£5,015.00 £6,012.00
Corbett Signature 8 Light Bar Pendant Gold Leaf 294-58-CE
Schuller Helia 831635 LED Ceiling Pendant Silver Leaf Frame
£510.00 £668.87
Hudson Valley 7 Light Island Pendant Aged Brass Hinsdale 8717-AGB-CE
£2,055.00 £2,851.92
Masiero Sound Ceiling 191cm Bar Pendant 5 x G9 Brushed Gold SOUND-BIL5
£2,200.00 £2,856.00
Caspen Bohess 9 Light Semi Flush Light Burnished Gold CAS/170506
£730.00 £1,050.00
Eichholtz Thibaud LED Pendant Fitting 70 Cm Antique Brass Finish 114406
Schuller Priscila 5 Light LED Bar Pendant Gold Cube Shades 720595
Regent Martinique Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting 7 x G9 Antique Copper Opal & Copper Glass
£463.06 £514.50
Caspen Oakley Park Smooth Nickel Pendant Fitting in Dusk CAS/105139
£375.68 £417.42
Diyas IL31365 Vela Crystal 5 Light Pendant Polished Chrome Frame
£332.90 £582.00
Caspen Elburg Medium Pendant Light Matt Gold Clear Shade CAS/505683
£290.52 £322.80
Eichholtz Marly 4 Light Flush Ceiling Fitting Antique Brass with Glass Shade 112858
Astro Trimless Round Fixed Indoor Downlight in Matt White 1248023
£24.76 £44.40
Astro Trimless Slimline Round Fixed Fire-Rated IP65 Bathroom Downlight in Matt White 1248017
£48.00 £86.40
Quoizel Emery 3 Light Weathered Brass Bar Pendant QZ/EMERY3P WS
£506.00 £1,050.00
Ideal Lux 005911 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Antique Brass Finish
£174.00 £252.00
Schuller Argos 507939 Ceiling Flush 5 Light Fitting Chrome
£226.00 £362.09
Schuller Argos 509213 Bar Ceiling Pendant 3 Light Chrome
£293.00 £438.26
Impex CF1929/06/OBL/G Celine Crystal Laser Cut 6 Light Oblong Bar Pendant Gold
£514.52 £860.40
Astro Ascoli Recessed Indoor Spotlight in Textured White 1286021
£45.50 £81.60
Diyas Maddison 6 Light Rectangular Bar Ceiling Pendant French Gold/Crystal IL31815
£375.00 £720.00
Astro Minima Slimline Round Fixed Fire-Rated IP65 Bathroom Downlight in Matt White 1249034
£21.80 £38.40
Regent Cholet 138x9cm Linear Pendant Ceiling Fitting Chandelier 7 Light E14 Polished Chrome Crystal
£661.50 £735.00
Schuller Austral 354264 5 Light LED Bar Pendant Gold
£415.00 £596.87
Astro Minima Round Adjustable Indoor Downlight in Matt White 1249003
£12.25 £21.60
Astro Minima Round Fixed Indoor Downlight in Matt White 1249002
£11.50 £20.40

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Kitchen Lights

In the world of interior design, kitchen ceiling lights stand out as a vital component that seamlessly melds functionality with aesthetics. Time and again, we're approached with the same query: how does one navigate the vast realm of kitchen lighting? Having lent our expertise to countless design endeavors over the past 37 years, we have honed our insight and are eager to shed light on this subject.

Kitchen lighting isn't merely about illuminating a space; it's about creating an ambiance, setting the mood, and enhancing functionality. Recognising the importance of this, we've built enduring relationships with some of the globe's foremost kitchen lighting manufacturers, such as Diyas, Schuller, Elstead, and more. Each brand brings its unique flair, catering to the myriad tastes of our clientele.

The realm of kitchen lights is vast and varied. From wall lights that add a touch of ambiance to recessed lights offering focused illumination, to spotlights that highlight specific areas, the options are plentiful. And if you're navigating our website, you'll notice the extensive range we proudly house.

However, amidst the plethora of lighting solutions, there's one type that consistently catches the eye - pendant lights for the kitchen. Dangling gracefully from the ceiling, these lights not only illuminate but also act as aesthetic centerpieces. Often, they find their place hovering above integral kitchen features, be it the bustling kitchen island or the familial dining table. Their versatility and design-forward approach make them a popular choice for those looking to make a statement.

In essence, kitchen ceiling lights are more than mere fixtures; they're the bridge between functionality and style. Whether you're leaning towards the modern allure of ceiling lights kitchen led or the timeless charm of kitchen pendant lighting, remember that every choice you make contributes to the story your kitchen tells. And with us by your side, you're bound to craft a narrative that's as radiant as the lights you select.
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Help & Advice

What lights are best for a kitchen ceiling?

Many KES Lighting and Home customers come to us because they are looking for an eye-catching kitchen ceiling pendant light. These can work wonders when placed over a dining table or an island, but they can work well in kitchens of any kind. They tend to provide a focal point for the room. Also of interest to many people who are planning a new kitchen are spotlights and recessed ceiling lights, which can provide more focused lighting.

Are LED lights good for a kitchen?

Yes, LED lights are excellent for kitchens. They are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, and produce minimal heat. Additionally, they come in a variety of colour temperatures and brightness levels, allowing homeowners to choose the best ambiance for their kitchen.

What is the brightest LED light for a kitchen?

The brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens. For a kitchen, you may want an LED bulb that produces anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 lumens for general ambient lighting. However, the exact brightness desired can vary based on kitchen size, colour scheme, and personal preferences. It's recommended to choose dimmable LEDs to adjust the brightness as needed.

How many lights do I need in my kitchen?

The number of lights you'll need in your kitchen depends on its size, layout, and the type of lighting fixtures you select. A good rule of thumb is to have a mix of general, task, and accent lighting. For example, while you might have several recessed lights for overall illumination, you might also include under-cabinet lighting for task-specific areas and pendant lights over an island for ambiance and focal interest.

What colour should kitchen lights be?

The colour of kitchen lights refers to their colour temperature, typically measured in Kelvins (K). For kitchens, a neutral white light is often preferred, which is around 4,000K. However, if you desire a warm, cozy feel, you might opt for lights closer to 2,700K. On the other hand, for a crisp, modern look, consider lights that are 5,000K or higher. Your choice should complement the kitchen's decor and your personal preference.