Hinkley Lighting

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1922, this brand started life as an outdoor lantern company. By the 1960s the company had been reborn under the guidance of Rick Wiedemer – grandson of the very first shareholder of the company – and today has a wide collection of lights in a multitude of styles. Whether you are looking for something traditional, rustic, bohemian or modern, Hinkley likely has a luxurious light to match – and their beautiful contemporary LED lighting range is unmissable. They're still a force to be reckoned with if you're looking for an outdoor lantern, too.

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Hinkley Felix 4Lt Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Sunset Gold HK/FELIX/SF
Hinkley Tulah 5Lt Chandelier Silver Leaf HK/TULAH5
Hinkley HK/GEMMA/F VBZ Gemma 3Lt Vintage Bronze Flush Ceiling Light
Hinkley HK/QUENTIN/6ISLE Quentin 6Lt Buckeye Bronze Island Chandelier
Hinkley Tulah 3Lt Pendant Light Silver Leaf HK/TULAH/3P
Hinkley Lanza Semi Flush Mount Antique Nickel HK/LANZA/SF AN
Hinkley Mayflower 9 Light Ceiling Chandelier HK/MAYFLOWER9
Hinkley Spyre 6Lt Chandelier Metallic Matte Bronze HK/SPYRE6C MMB
Hinkley Dakota 8 Light Polished Antique Nickel Chandelier HK/DAKOTA8
Hinkley Moxie 6Lt Pendant Light Sunset Gold HK/MOXIE6/P SSG
Hinkley HK/QUENTIN/4P/A Quentin 4Lt Buckeye Bronze Semi-Flush Pendant
Hinkley HK/FULTON/13P Fulton Large 13Lt Bronze Chandelier Pendant
Hinkley HK/HATHAWAY/SFMB Hathaway 4Lt Old Bronze Semi Flush Ceiling Light
Hinkley HK/GEMMA2/B VBZ Gemma 2Lt Old Bronze Wall Light
Hinkley Truman 5 Light Ceiling Light HK/TRUMAN5
Hinkley HK/FULTON/4P Fulton 4Lt Bronze Pendant Light
Hinkley Collier 4 Light Heritage Brass Semi-Flush HK/COLLIER/SF/M
Hinkley Meridian 5 Light Ceiling Light HK/MERIDIAN5
Hinkley Bolla Brushed Nickel Semi-Flush Ceiling Light HK/BOLLA/SF
Hinkley Gemma Flush Ceiling Light HK/GEMMA/F SL Silver Leaf
Hinkley Monaco 5 Light Chandelier HK/MONACO5 Brushed Nickel
Hinkley Zelda HK/ZELDA8 PN Ceiling Pendant 8 Light Polished Nickel
Hinkley HK/WALKER2/S Walker 1Lt Buckeye Bronze Outdoor Small Wall Lantern
Hinkley Spyre 2Lt Wall Light Champagne Gold HK/SPYRE2 CPG
Hinkley Moxie 2Lt Wall Light Sunset Gold HK/MOXIE2 SSG
Hinkley Zelda HK/ZELDA1 PN Wall Light 1 Light Polished Nickel
Hinkley Felix 1Lt Mini Pendant Light Sunset Gold HK/FELIX/MP
Hinkley Zelda HK/ZELDA7 PN Ceiling Pendant 7 Light Polished Nickel
Hinkley Verve 2lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Chrome ELS/HK/VERVE2 BATH
Hinkley Vintage Brass Semi-Flush With Spherical Detail HK/ZELDA/SF VS
Hinkley Verve 1lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Chrome ELS/HK/VERVE1 BATH
Hinkley Zelda HK/ZELDA/SF PN Ceiling Semi-Flush 3 Light Polished Nickel
Hinkley Shelly 1lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Chrome ELS/HK/SHELLY1 BATH
Hinkley Cello 9 Light Bronze Chandelier HK/CELLO9
Hinkley Sabina 2lt Wall Light Silver Leaf ELS/HK/SABINA2
Hinkley Vintage Brass 5 Light Multi-Arm Ceiling Fitting Spherical Detail HK/ZELDA5 VS
Hinkley Plantation 1lt Bathroom Wall Light Pearl Bronze ELS/HK/PLANT/BATH PZ
Hinkley Plantation 1lt Bathroom Wall Light Polished Antique Nickel ELS/HK/PLANT/BATH PL
Hinkley Monaco 1 Light Wall Fitting HK/MONACO1 Brushed Nickel
Hinkley Vintage Brass Pendant With Spherical Detail HK/ZELDA/P/A VS

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