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Traditional Outdoor Ceiling Lights

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Elstead Mansion House Outdoor Coastal Ceiling Lantern Brass ELS/MANSIONHS8 BR
£379.00 £750.00
Elstead Mansion House Outdoor Coastal Pendant Lantern Polished Nickel ELS/MANSIONHS8 PN
£379.00 £750.00
Feiss Cotswold Lane Large Chain Outdoor Lantern FE/COTSLN8/L BK Black Die-Cast Aluminium
£205.00 £375.00
Feiss English Bridle 3 Light Large Chain Lantern British Bronze ELS/FE/EB8/L BRB
£206.00 £420.00
Quoizel Newbury Large Outdoor Lantern Aged Copper QZ/NEWBURY8/L AC
£179.42 £330.00
Quoizel Newbury Large Outdoor Lantern Polished Brass ELS/QZ/NEWBURY8/L
£179.42 £330.00
Norlys CS8-COPPER Chelsea 1Lt Outdoor Lantern
£706.27 £1,398.00
Feiss Baton Rouge Walnut Duo-Mount Outdoor Lantern FE-BATONRG8
£272.81 £540.00
Norlys Valencia Grande Chain Black ELS/VG8 BLACK
£197.03 £390.00
Kichler Halleron 3Lt Londonderry Outdoor Lantern Pendant KL/HALLERON/8M
£227.00 £420.00
Hinkley HK/CARSON/5P Carson 5Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Pendant Light
£564.00 £1,080.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Pendant Lantern Burnished Bronze KL-HALLERON-8M-BU
£235.00 £438.00
Hinkley HK/CARSON/3P Carson 3Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Pendant Light
£353.00 £678.00
Astro Calvi Pendant 215 Outdoor Pendant in Antique Brass 1306006
£139.44 £242.50
Norlys Turin 1 Light Chain Lantern Black T8-BLACK
£146.80 £270.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light Burnished Bronze
£156.00 £285.00
Quoizel Newbury Bathroom/Exterior Flush Fitting QZ/NEWBURY/F Polished Solid Brass
£130.49 £240.00
Kichler Tournai X-Large Outdoor Chain Lantern Londonderry ELS/KL/TOURNAI8/XL
£227.34 £450.00
Kichler Ashlandbay 2lt Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Flush Weathered Zinc ELS/KL/ASHLANDBAY/F
£146.80 £270.00
Morris 2 Light Flush Ceiling Fitting Distressed Copper IP44 Quintessentiale QN-MORRIS-F
£137.64 £222.00
Kichler Vandalia Medium Outdoor Chain Lantern Textured Black KL/VANDALIA8/L
£179.42 £330.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light Londonderry KL-HALLERON-F
£148.00 £282.00
Alfred Place 6 Light Outdoor Linear Pendant Museum Black REG/170012
Kichler KL/LYNDON/5P Lyndon 5 Light Architectural Bronze Multi-Arm Ceiling Fitting
£287.96 £570.00
Astro Homefield Pendant 240 Outdoor Pendant in Natural Brass 1095035
£286.70 £498.62
Quoizel Newbury Flush Mount Aged Copper QZ/NEWBURY/F AC
£130.49 £240.00
Masiero Drylight 6 Light Outdoor IP66 LED Chandelier White Polycarbonate DRYLIGHT-S6-WHITE
Astro Montparnasse Pendant Outdoor Pendant in Bronze 1096010
£214.62 £373.25
Hinkley Carson 1P 1Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Pendant Light
£192.47 £354.00
Feiss Chelsea Harbor Storm Cloud Grey Finish Pendant FE/CHELSEAHBR8
£97.87 £180.00
Alfred Place 4 Light Outdoor Pendant Museum Black REG/170010

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Traditional Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Explore our traditional outdoor lighting collection at KES Lighting. We specialise in providing you with lighting solutions that go beyond mere illumination, casting a warm and inviting glow while encapsulating the essence of classic beauty.

Discover the perfect welcome home with our traditional outdoor lights, specifically designed to add a touch of sophistication to your entrances. Be it front door lighting or porch lights, these fixtures boast an exquisite blend of vintage allure and modern functionality. They provide a reassuring presence at your doorstep, illuminating your path while adding aesthetic appeal to your home's facade.

Take your patio spaces to the next level with our traditional outdoor ceiling lights. Whether you're hosting an evening dinner party or enjoying a quiet night under the stars, these lights imbue your outdoor space with a serene ambiance. Drawing from classic designs, they offer an enduring appeal that marries form and function, creating a picturesque setting that captivates the senses.

Our selection doesn't stop at lighting up entrances and patios. It extends to a variety of outdoor spaces, including outdoor dining areas. Celebrate your al fresco meals in the soft, enveloping glow of our traditional outdoor lighting. Each piece is carefully designed to not only illuminate your space but also to complement the overall decor, elevating your dining experience.

At KES Lighting, we understand the subtle nuances that make traditional design timeless. That’s why our collection of traditional outdoor ceiling lights, traditional outdoor lights, and traditional outdoor lighting solutions are crafted to encapsulate this elegance.

We invite you to journey through our range of traditional outdoor lighting, exploring an array of styles that promise to transform your exterior spaces into breathtaking landscapes of light.
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Help & Advice

What styles are included in your traditional outdoor lighting range?

Our traditional outdoor lighting range includes a variety of styles, from lantern-style fixtures and classic pendant lights to traditional wall lights and ceiling lamps. We aim to offer a comprehensive selection that caters to different tastes and outdoor settings.

Can traditional outdoor ceiling lights withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, our traditional outdoor ceiling lights are designed with durability in mind. They are built to resist various weather conditions, ensuring they retain their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time.

Are traditional outdoor lights suitable for all types of buildings?

Absolutely! While traditional outdoor lights are often associated with classic or period-style homes, they can also add a unique contrast to more modern or contemporary exteriors. They are a versatile lighting option for all types of buildings.

Can I use energy-efficient bulbs with your traditional outdoor lighting?

Yes, most of our traditional outdoor lighting fixtures are compatible with energy-efficient bulbs. This allows you to maintain the classic look while enjoying the benefits of modern, energy-saving technology.

What areas of my home exterior can benefit from traditional outdoor lights?

Traditional outdoor lights can enhance various areas of your home's exterior, including the front door, porch, patio, and outdoor dining spaces. They provide necessary illumination while adding a touch of classic elegance to your outdoor spaces.