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Hallway Lighting


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Schuller Ring 717687B 8 Ring LED Ceiling Pendant Sanded Matt Black 3000K Bluetooth Dimmable
£1,024.97 £1,371.86
Avivo Bubbles PD1302-14A CH/CL 14 Light LED Chrome Clear Glass Ceiling Fitting
£1,550.00 £2,264.72
Regent Prague 24 Light Crystal Chandelier Polished Chrome REG/909087
£1,450.00 £2,550.00
Schuller Varas 373968 25 Light Large Ceiling Pendant 3 Metre Drop Gold/Black
£1,899.94 £2,600.34
Eichholtz Saint Roch XXLarge Chandelier Light Brushed Brass with Smoke Glass 117195
Schuller Sphere 793258B LED 14 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant 3 Metre Drop Multicoloured Bluetooth Dimmable
£947.98 £1,265.09
Masiero Ola Ceiling Large 90cm Pendant 8 x E27 Navy Blue Amber Colours OLA-S6-90-V50
Eichholtz Greyson 13 Light Pendant Fitting Antique Brass Handmade Glass Strips 115660
Diyas Inina 15 Light Tall Pendant  Polished Chrome/Crystal IL30776
£1,250.00 £2,394.00
Eichholtz Crystal Glass Chandelier Amazone L Nickel Finish 112637
£4,400.00 £4,728.00
Large Pendant Chandelier 18 Light Aged Brass Hudson Valley Sparta 9048-AGB-CE
£5,680.00 £7,148.16
Eichholtz Glass Chandelier Opera Gold Finish 112070
£1,855.00 £1,992.00
Schuller Norma 4 Light Pendant Ceiling Fitting Black/Brass 225168
£323.99 £416.95
Schuller Sphere 793091B LED 9 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant 1.5 Metre Drop Multicoloured Bluetooth Dimmable
£631.99 £827.80
Impex Maria Therese 5 Light Chandelier CP00150/05/G
£340.72 £568.80
Regent Prague 24 Light Crystal Chandelier Gold REG/909088
£1,475.00 £2,632.80
Schuller Varas 373425G 14 Light Ceiling Pendant 3 Metre Drop Gold/Black
£555.97 £816.61
Elstead Olivia 8 Light Chandelier Black/Gold ELS/OV8 BLK/GOLD
£172.90 £318.00
Feiss Brianna 9 Light Chandelier Burnished Brass FE-Brianna9-BB
£589.00 £1,080.00
Ideal Lux 200125 Equinoxe 12 Light Multi-Arm Pendant Antique Brass Frame
£673.74 £1,140.00
Feiss Bellini 6 Light Chandelier Antique Bronze Quartz Crystal FE-BELLINI6
£610.00 £1,122.00
Schuller Sphere 793269B LED 14 Light Ceiling Cluster Pendant 3 Metre Drop Chrome Bluetooth Dimmable
£895.98 £1,190.84
Caspen Aspra 1 Light Pendant Fitting Brushed Gold Plated Finish Clear Glass CAS/605012
£355.00 £671.40
Elstead CB8 Black Carisbrooke 8Lt Black Chandelier
£348.59 £690.00
Diyas IL31095 Eaton Pendant 12 Light Ceiling Lantern Antique Brass Frame
£594.00 £1,134.00
Schuller Austral 354318 14 Light LED Ceiling Pendant Gold
£1,074.96 £1,447.12
Schuller Dark 439015 Ceiling Pendant 14 Light Black/Brass Glass Shades
£754.98 £918.30
Interiors 1900 CA1P8N Stanford 8Lt Nickel Ceiling Pendant
£345.00 £616.92
Impex Maria Therese 12 Light Crystal Chandelier CP00150/8+4/G Gold
£741.28 £1,239.60
Feiss Apollo 5 Light Chandelier Burnished Brass ELS/FE-APOLLO5-BB
£409.21 £810.00
Diyas Alexandra Crystal Chandelier 4 Tier 49 Light E14 Polished Chrome Crystal IL31457
£3,395.00 £6,540.00

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Hallway Lighting

At KES Lighting, we understand the importance of creating a great first impression. That's why we offer a diverse range of high-quality ceiling pendant lights, cluster pendants, and chandeliers, designed specifically to accentuate your hallway's aesthetic. From simple, elegant designs to more elaborate, eye-catching fixtures, our collection caters to a broad spectrum of styles.

These lights not only enhance your hallway but also significantly improve visibility, making your entrance more inviting and functional. Each piece in our collection is sourced from leading brands in the industry, ensuring superior quality and long-lasting performance. Whether your home embraces a modern, traditional, or eclectic style, our extensive range of hallway lighting is bound to have the perfect piece that aligns with your decor and personal taste.

No matter what size your hallway might be, we have fixtures that can cater to various spaces - from compact corridors to grand entrance halls. Explore our selection and find that perfect lighting fixture that will not only illuminate your hallway but also transform it into a space that speaks volumes about your personal style.
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Help & Advice

How to lighten a dark stairwell?

There are several ways to brighten up a dark stairwell. You can consider installing multiple light sources such as wall sconces or pendant lights at varying levels. Using LED bulbs can also provide brighter and clearer illumination. Reflective surfaces, like mirrors or light-colored paint, can help bounce light around and make the space feel brighter. Additionally, if possible, adding a window or skylight can introduce natural light into the area.

What size pendant light for a stairwell?

The size of the pendant light for a stairwell depends on the size and height of the space. As a general rule, the light fixture should not appear too small or too large for the area. For an average-sized stairwell, a pendant that's 18 to 24 inches in diameter might work well. However, for grand staircases or those with high ceilings, you might consider larger fixtures or even a series of cascading pendants.

Where to hang light in a stairwell?

Ideally, the light should be hung where it provides the most illumination to the entire staircase. This is typically at the midpoint of the stairwell's height. Ensure the pendant or light fixture hangs at a height where it doesn't obstruct the view or pose a risk for taller individuals. If installing multiple lights or wall sconces, space them evenly to ensure consistent lighting throughout.

What lights to use in a staircase?

There are various lighting options suitable for staircases. Wall sconces are great for providing even lighting throughout the stairwell. Pendant lights, especially those with a longer drop, can work well in staircases with higher ceilings. Recessed lights in the ceiling or step lights can also be used to illuminate each step. For a modern touch, LED strip lights can be installed along the handrails or the base of the stairs. Always prioritize safety and ensure that each step is well-lit to prevent accidents.