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Outdoor Wall Lanterns

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Kichler Halleron 2 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern Burnished Bronze KL-HALLERON-2S-BU
£188.00 £360.00
Kichler Halleron 2 Light Londonderry Outdoor Wall Lantern KL/HALLERON/2S
£196.00 £360.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern Burnished Bronze KL-HALLERON-2M-BU
£230.00 £438.00
Hinkley HK/CARSON1 Carson 1Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Wall Lantern
£173.00 £318.00
Kichler Halleron 3 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern Londonderry finish KL/HALLERON/2M
£227.00 £438.00
Norlys Turin 1 Light Half Wall Lantern T7-2-BLACK
£168.00 £318.00
Elstead Mansion House 3 Light Wall Lantern Brass MANSION-HOUSE-WB1-BR
£430.00 £810.00
Elstead Mansion House 3 Light Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern Polished Nickel ELS/MANSION-HOUSE-WB1-PN
£430.00 £810.00
Elstead Solid Brass Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern ELS/ ST MARTINS BR
£151.00 £297.00
Elstead ST MARTINS-PN 1Lt Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern Solid Brass Polished Nickel
£167.00 £330.00
Norlys Turin Down Wall Lantern Black Finish Aluminium Polycarbonate ELS/T2 BLACK
£139.00 £270.00
Astro Messina 160 II Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1183031
£165.00 £290.40
Hinkley Bromley 2 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern Oil Rubbed Bronze with Clear Shade
£115.08 £210.00
Astro Messina 130 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1183029
£141.00 £249.60
Astro Richmond Wall Lantern 254 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1340011
£238.00 £418.80
Elstead St Martins Large Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern Aged Brass ST MARTINS/L BR
£258.00 £480.00
Astro Richmond Wall Lantern 200 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1340004
£189.95 £334.80
Feiss Cotswold Lane 2 Light Medium Wall Lantern FE/COTSLN2/M BK  Black Die-Cast Aluminium
£139.00 £255.00
Astro Harvard Lantern Outdoor Wall Light Textured Black 1402011
£195.00 £346.80
Quoizel Newbury Large Wall Lantern Polished Brass ELS/QZ/NEWBURY2/L
£180.84 £330.00
Astro Richmond Wall 235 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1340013
£151.00 £260.40
Noral Allegro F Outdoor Wall Light Lantern NOR/7303112 20 Year Warranty
£390.00 £441.00
Norlys Turin Grande Down Wall Lantern Black Aluminium Polycarbonate ELS/TG2 BLACK
£228.00 £420.00
Norlys Turin Grande 1 Light Up Wall Lantern Black TG1-BLACK
£216.00 £420.00
Feiss Cotswold Lane Half Wall Lantern FE/COTSLN7 BK Black Die-Cast Aluminium
£102.82 £189.00
Noral Regent A Outdoor Wall Light Lantern NOR/7153102 20 Year Warranty
£403.70 £448.56
Astro Box Lantern 270 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1354003
£186.50 £334.80
Hinkley HK/BROMLEY2/L Bromley 3Lt Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern
£173.95 £318.00
Norlys Turin Up Wall Lantern Black Finish Aluminium Polycarbonate ELS/T1
£139.00 £270.00
Astro Calvi Wall 215 Outdoor Wall Light in Textured Black 1306001
£124.00 £222.00
Kichler Royal Marine Small Wall Lantern Distressed Black KL/ROYALMARIN2/S
£97.92 £180.00

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Outdoor Wall Lanterns

If you're seeking a distinctive, eye-catching addition to your property's exterior, look no further than Outdoor Lanterns. At KES Lighting, we offer an array of these stunning fixtures, designed to transform any outdoor space into a beautifully lit spectacle.

Outdoor Wall Lanterns are not just lighting fixtures; they are statements of style. Regardless of your property's age or architectural style, our diverse selection ensures you'll find a lantern that perfectly complements your decor. Picture these fixtures adorning your porch or entryway, instantly elevating even the simplest spaces into striking outdoor features.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in crafting an inviting atmosphere, and Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights excel in this regard. By casting a warm, welcoming glow, these lanterns can create the perfect ambience for your outdoor areas. Whether you're hosting an evening gathering or simply enjoying a peaceful night on the patio, these fixtures will enhance your experience.

For those looking to embrace eco-friendly solutions, consider our Solar Outdoor Wall Lanterns. These fixtures harness the power of the sun to provide energy-efficient illumination, offering a sustainable and equally enchanting alternative.

Discover the transformative power of Wall Lanterns Outdoor Lighting at KES Lighting. With our diverse selection, you're sure to find the perfect fixture to illuminate and elevate your outdoor spaces.
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Help & Advice

What are Outdoor Wall Lanterns?

Outdoor Wall Lanterns are lighting fixtures designed for the exterior of a home or building. They combine functionality and aesthetics, providing light while also enhancing the style of your outdoor spaces.

Where can I use Outdoor Wall Lantern Lights?

These lanterns are perfect for use in several outdoor areas, including porches, entryways, patios, or exterior walls. They can illuminate your outdoor spaces and serve as a decorative element.

Why should I consider Wall Lanterns for outdoor lighting?

Wall Lanterns for outdoor lighting can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. Besides providing necessary illumination, they serve as a style statement and can create a warm, inviting ambience.

Can Outdoor Wall Lanterns withstand different weather conditions?

Yes, Outdoor Wall Lanterns are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, allowing them to perform well in various weather conditions. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific product details to ensure they meet your needs.

How do I choose the right style of Outdoor Wall Lantern for my property?

When choosing an Outdoor Wall Lantern, consider the overall design and architectural style of your property. At KES Lighting, we offer a diverse range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, ensuring you'll find a lantern that complements your property's aesthetic. Also, think about the size and colour of the lantern to ensure it matches your outdoor decor.