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Single Ceiling Pendant Lights

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Hinkley HK/CARSON/5P Carson 5Lt Vintage Iron Outdoor Pendant Light
Ideal Lux 094786 Norma Single Light Indoor Hanging Lantern Pendant Chrome Frame
Diyas IL30072 Torre Crystal 5 Light Pendant Polished Chrome Frame
Feiss FE/ADAMS/4P BRZ Adams 4Lt British Bronze Ceiling Globe Pendant
Feiss FE/CORINNE/3P/S Corinne 3Lt Polished Nickel Crystal Orb Pendant Ceiling Light
Kichler Crystal Skye Ceiling Fitting 6 Light LED Chrome Pendant IP44 KL/CRSTSKYE/P/A
Schuller Evasion 381635 Single 9 Light Pendant Gold
Feiss FE/ADAMS/3P BRZ Adams 3Lt British Bronze Ceiling Globe Pendant
Schuller Nova 541450D Crystal 15 Light Ceiling Pendant Chrome Frame with Remote
Feiss FE/BASKIN/P/B PN Baskin 1Lt Polished Nickel Pendant Ceiling Light
Schuller Varas 373084 LED 1 Light Ceiling Pendant Chrome Frame
Feiss Adams 4 Light Globe Pendant FE/ADAMS/4P ANL
Impex CFH606071/ROU/L/CH Alvery 9Lt Chrome Round Ceiling Pendant Clear Crystal
Feiss Adams 3 Light Globe Pendant FE/ADAMS/3P ANL
Schuller Rocio 784347 LED Ceiling Pendant 1 Light Gold
Hinkley Collier 5 Light Heritage Brass Chandelier HK/COLLIER5
Schuller Evasion 381628 Single 9 Light Pendant Dark Chrome
Ideal Lux 093000 Stella Small Single Pendant Chrome Frame
Elstead Agatha 3Lt LED IP44 Bathroom Pendant Light Polished Chrome BATH/AGATHA3P PC
Schuller Dark 439015 Ceiling Pendant 14 Light Black/Brass Glass Shades
Diyas Maddison 6 Light Rectangular Bar Ceiling Pendant French Gold/Crystal IL31815
Kichler Crystal Skye Ceiling Fitting 1 Light LED Chrome Mini Pendant IP44 KL/CRSTSKYE/MP
Schuller Rocio 784326 LED Ceiling Pendant 1 Light Chrome
Avivo Fantasia Plus 20 Light Crystal Matte Gold Ceiling Pendant AVI/PD2121-20A
Ceiling Pendant 1 Light Fitting Bronze Patina Anita REG/505123
Schuller Sphere 793412 LED Single Large Ceiling Pendant 1.4 Metre Drop Chrome
Schuller Varas 373067 LED 1 Light Ceiling Pendant Matt Black Frame
Impex Carlo CFH508052/07/CH 7 Light Pendant Polished Chrome Ceiling Fitting

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Single Ceiling Pendant Lights

At KES Lighting we stock some of the most famous brands from the world of lighting, offering you a dazzling range of choice to truly enjoy a beautiful finish in your room. With our single pendant lights you’re able to handpick from leading manufacturers including Swarovski, Impex, Franklite, Eglo and Kolarz.

There are multiple reasons for choosing the stunning pendant lights at KES Lighting. Not only do they hold fantastic appeal, but the functionality is excellent and once fitted you’ll never want to go back.

What’s more, you can choose a style best fitting the room you’re decorating. This ensures creating a brilliant look that’s in keeping with your home, style and preferences.

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Help & Advice

What is a Pendant?

A Pendant is a form of hanging light, especially great for creating a cosy ambiance in a kitchen or above a dining table.

How high above the table should a Pendant hang?

Ideally, the Pendant should hang 80-100cm above the table top. An unwritten rule of good Pendant positioning is – you should be able to look under it when sitting at the table, and it should be at approximately eye level when you stand.

We’d advise trying different heights while standing and sitting before deciding. It’s also a good idea to consider the varying heights of the people living in your household!

Is it possible to hide or shorten a cable?

Some of our fittings have the functionality to adjust the length of the cable and hide it within the cover without the need for removal from the ceiling, other types of fitting would need to be taken down by an electrician. If you’re unsure about this, please give us a call on 024 76 317022 and we can help advise.

Do I have to hang a Pendant above a table or kitchen island?

Absolutely not! Your style is personal so you should hang your fittings where you feel they’d look best. Do remember to hang them high enough that people don’t walk into them though!

How much space should there be between multiple Pendant lights?

This will depend on preference and what you think looks good. We’d advise whatever the diameter of the lamp is should be the distance between the next one.

Are Pendants easy to install?

Installing a new Pendant can often be as simple as taking down and old fitting and replacing with a new one – generally speaking. We’d advise always having a qualified electrician to install on your behalf.