Single Ceiling Pendant Lights

At KES Lighting we stock some of the most famous brands from the world of lighting, offering you a dazzling range of choice to truly enjoy a beautiful finish in your room. With our single pendant lights you’re able to handpick from leading manufacturers including Swarovski, Impex, Franklite, Eglo and Kolarz.

There are multiple reasons for choosing the stunning pendant lights at KES Lighting. Not only do they hold fantastic appeal, but the functionality is excellent and once fitted you’ll never want to go back.

What’s more, you can choose a style best fitting the room you’re decorating. This ensures creating a brilliant look that’s in keeping with your home, style and preferences.

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  1. Diyas Asia 4 Light Oiled Bronze 60W Pendant IL31677

    Now Only £310.00 Regular Price £372.00
  2. Diyas Camden 3 Light Mosaic Glass Crystal Chrome Pendant IL31624

    Now Only £272.50 Regular Price £327.00
  3. Diyas Galilea 4 Light 33W Chrome Crystal Pendant IL31655

    Now Only £285.00 Regular Price £342.00
  4. Diyas Maddison 8 Light Rose Gold Crystal Round Pendant IL31716

    Now Only £634.99 Regular Price £762.00
  5. Diyas Rosina 8 Light Crystal Pendant IL31058

    Now Only £795.00 Regular Price £954.00
  6. Diyas Torre Polished Chrome And Crystal Ceiling Pendant IL30079

    Now Only £649.99 Regular Price £780.00
  7. Faladesa Banli 6 Light LED Chrome Pendant FAL/L3756

    Now Only £394.94 Regular Price £473.93
  8. Feiss Bluffton 3 Light Pendant FE/BLUFFTON/3P

    Now Only £362.10 Regular Price £510.00
  9. Flambeau Fragment Silver Pendant Decorative Finial FB/FRAGMENT-S/PL

    Now Only £159.76 Regular Price £225.00
  10. Franklite Eros Chrome Pendant With Shade And Glass Rods FL2191/3

    Now Only £240.00 Regular Price £300.00
  11. Franklite Vetross Large Red Pendant FL2290/1/947

    Now Only £122.02 Regular Price £152.52
  12. Grok Balloons Chrome Energy Saving Halogen Ceiling Light 00-4348-21-F9

    Now Only £586.61 Regular Price £782.14
  13. Grok Circ Designer LED Pendant 00-0001-BW-M3

    Now Only £731.98 Regular Price £975.96
  14. Grok Circ Designer LED Pendant 00-0002-BW-M3

    Now Only £840.24 Regular Price £1,120.32
  15. Grok Circ Dimmable Designer LED Pendant 00-0641-BW-M3

    Now Only £839.38 Regular Price £1,119.17
  16. Grok Circ Dimmable Designer LED Pendant 00-0642-BW-M3

    Now Only £963.90 Regular Price £1,285.20
  17. Grok Clear Designer Pendant In White, Black And Red 00-2872-78-M2

    Now Only £167.03 Regular Price £222.70
  18. Grok Emy Designer Energy Saving Pendant 00-4409-21-12

    Now Only £355.70 Regular Price £474.26
  19. Grok Leaf Pendant With Grey Or Green Designer Felt Shade 00-3813-BW-08

    Now Only £555.66 Regular Price £740.88
  20. Grok Leila Aluminium Ceiling Pendant 00-2407-AG-14

    Now Only £520.40 Regular Price £693.86
  21. Grok Net Designer LED Pendant 00-0003-BW-M1

    Now Only £670.36 Regular Price £893.81
  22. Grok Net Dimmable Designer LED Pendant 00-0643-BW-M1

    Now Only £789.37 Regular Price £1,052.50
  23. Grok Sixties Dark Brown Designer Single Pendant 00-3688-CI-CI

    Now Only £299.00 Regular Price £398.66
  24. Grok Sixties Dark Brown Designer Single Pendant 00-3689-CI-CI

    Now Only £299.00 Regular Price £398.66
  25. Grok Tandem Black Lacquered Designer Pendant 00-0056-05-M1

    Now Only £598.70 Regular Price £798.26
  26. Grok Tandem Matt White Designer Pendant 00-0056-BW-M1

    Now Only £598.70 Regular Price £798.26
  27. Grok Tulip Designer Pendant 00-4416-05-23

    Now Only £197.96 Regular Price £263.95
  28. Grok Umbrella Black Energy Saving Ceiling Light 00-2727-AP-05

    Now Only £578.12 Regular Price £770.83
  29. Hinkley Gemma 3 Light Pendant HK/GEMMA/P/B SL

    Now Only £521.86 Regular Price £735.00
  30. Hinkley Zelda Pendant With Nickel Spherical Detail HK/ZELDA/P/B/PN

    Now Only £244.96 Regular Price £345.00
  31. Ideal Lux Aurora SP5 Pendant 013923

    Now Only £267.86 Regular Price £321.44
  32. Ideal Lux Clown SP7 White Pendant 100876

    Now Only £237.74 Regular Price £285.30
  33. Ideal Lux Dea SP12 Pendant 074771

    Now Only £199.70 Regular Price £239.65
  34. Ideal Lux Dust SP12 Ceiling Light IP20 114361

    Now Only £345.53 Regular Price £414.64
  35. Ideal Lux Hats Modern Hanging Ceiling Light SP6 110639

    Now Only £145.81 Regular Price £174.98
  36. Ideal Lux King SP10 Pendant 073286

    Now Only £393.08 Regular Price £471.70
  37. Ideal Lux Leaves Hanging Ceiling Light SP12 112268

    Now Only £472.33 Regular Price £566.80
  38. Ideal Lux Presa Ceiling Light SP1 BIG 037332

    Now Only £64.98 Regular Price £77.98
  39. Illuminati Eclipse 1 Light Copper Pendant MD14003057-1A CPR

    Now Only £75.84 Regular Price £94.80
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Reviews KES Lighting

4.94 Average

184 Reviews

Good service and delivery

Posted 2 weeks ago


Excellent customer service, prompt delivery and competitively priced products. Recommended!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Fran K

Extremely polite staff, with an excellent knowledge of products etc. Efficient service and aftercare.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Quality product, competitively priced, easy purchase procedure and excellent communication regarding the status of the order. Outstanding customer service and focus. Well done.

Posted 2 weeks ago

This is a lovely company to deal with, in every aspect. Not only do they have wonderful quality stock, they can easily and speedily get hold of variants. They know their stock extremely well and are more than prepared to devote time in assisting a correct decision being made. Their prices are very competitive and they are a delight to deal with and talk to. All in all, one of my favourite companies and I only wish others were as good as they are!

Posted 1 month ago


We couldn't find a suitable light for our conservatory, Anne was so helpful with helping us find the best option.

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent customer service to sort out any issues outside their control coupled with excellent discounted pricing make Kes stand out from all the others when it comes to lighting. Thoroughly recommended

Posted 1 month ago

From placing the order until delivery l was given first class customer service, so rarely seen nowadays. Delivery prompt and a follow up phone call to check all was well. Can not fault them.

Posted 1 month ago

Keith Simpson

Quick delivery with protective packaging the best I have seen. Perhaps UK Mail that they used for delivery doesn't have the best reputation for taking care of parcels, after a TV programme focusing on them but I think the impressive packaging would have defeated even the worst of UK Mail. Also appreciated the follow up E-Mail to check everything okay.

Posted 2 months ago

Grok Lov Square Designer LED Wall Light Thank you for getting the 2 lights I ordered to me as quick as you could. I really appreciated your excellent customer service from enquiry to delivery. The cost was very appealing as they were discounted compared to other websites - which made me go no further. I will always look to KES Lighting first for a more personal buying experience.

Posted 2 months ago

Great service from great staff, products, price & delivery....all was excellent. Looking forward to buy off them again.

Posted 2 months ago


Good service, quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Posted 3 months ago


I live in France and ordered 4 wall lights. They arrived on time in Paris and were packed very carefully. I recommend KES Lighting. Wide assortment, competitive prices and state of the art service.

Posted 3 months ago

I had bought 3 outside lighting units from KES a few years ago & sadly I recently snapped off the base of one of them when cutting down a tree in my garden. Anne & Steve at KES were superb as they sourced a new base for me from the original manufacturers - thank you & what great service from a nice company - use them!

Posted 3 months ago


Happy because of the product and the personal care! I have one tip though, please do not wrap the products with the paper shreds. I have to get the vacuum cleaner to make the floor clean again ;)

Posted 3 months ago


Excellent customer service. Would happily order from them again.

Posted 3 months ago

Fulvio 68

Spedizione arrivata correttamente e corrispondente al prodotto ordinato.

Posted 4 months ago

Cheapest by far for a designer light that we were after. Arrived within 2 days of purchase. A massive 10 out if 10.

Posted 6 months ago

I have received prompt and efficient service from Kes Lighting when ordering my table lamp. I would gladly recommend them and not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Posted 6 months ago

Very happy with my purchase and exactly as described. Very impressed with their customer service department (refular updates, enquiries quickly answered) and they way they packed the items. Extremely professional. All in all a very positive experience. Thank you.

Posted 6 months ago

Their web-site is very well laid out. I found exactly what I needed (even if I didn't know what I wanted initially). The price was extremely competitive and the service truly excellent. What more can I say, other than that I would highly recommend KES Lighting with complete confidence. Oh yes, I forgot; they even follow up the delivery to make sure the customer is completely satisfied!

Posted 6 months ago