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Regent Indoor Ceiling Lanterns

Ceiling Lantern Pendant 3 Light Clear Glass/Antique Brass Myla REG/909083
Ceiling Lantern Pendant 3 Light Clear Glass/Satin Nickel Myla REG/909085
Ceiling Lantern Pendant 3 Light Clear Glass/Chrome Myla REG/909084
Ceiling Lantern Pendant 1 Light Antique Brass Lena REG/909079

Indoor Ceiling Lanterns

Lantern ceiling lights help to create a timeless appeal that will add an inviting touch to any room in your home. These beautiful pieces are created to complement your existing decoration or tie in with a complete refurbishment, emitting elegance and sophistication. Not only this, but these classy lantern lights offer their own heat source, perfect for corridors, bedrooms and living spaces.

At KES Lighting you will find a complete selection of lantern ceiling lights from some of the world’s finest manufacturers including Franklite and Elstead. With incredible prices and beautiful displays, KES Lighting has everything you would need.

Each of our lantern ceiling lights has been beautifully crafted and amongst our gorgeous offerings you’ll find polished brass models, six-light panelled lanterns and velvety satin finishes.

What’s certain is there’s a lantern light for every home. Simply browse the selection below and take advantage of our hugely competitive prices. You will also benefit from free delivery on all orders over £99, exclusively with KES Lighting.

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Help & Advice

What kind of ambiance do lantern ceiling lights create

Lantern ceiling lights cast a warm and inviting aura, perfectly blending elegance and sophistication to enhance any room's ambiance.

What materials and finishes are available in the lantern ceiling lights at KES Lighting?

At KES Lighting, you can find lantern lights in a variety of finishes, including polished brass, satin, and more. The collection also includes intricate designs such as six-light panelled lanterns.

Can lantern ceiling lights be used in any room?

Yes, lantern ceiling lights are versatile and can be an elegant addition to corridors, bedrooms, living spaces, and more, offering both illumination and decorative appeal.

Do lantern ceiling lights serve any purpose other than lighting

Yes, apart from providing illumination, lantern ceiling lights serve as elegant décor pieces, adding an inviting touch and elevating the aesthetics of any room.