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Polished Nickel Floor Lamps

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Floor Lamps

Choosing lights such as Floor Lamps Polished Nickel Indoor Lighting is one of the best parts of any home design project. Or maybe you just need to liven up a space with something new?

If you browse through our Floor Lamps Indoor Lighting collection, you'll see Polished Nickel Floor Lamps lights of different shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of lights available. A helpful tip – click on a picture when scrolling through and you'll often see additional images of Floor Lamps Polished Nickel Indoor Lighting installed in a property.

Help & Advice

The best light from a floor lamp depends on its purpose. LED floor lamps often provide bright, energy-efficient light. If you're seeking ambient light, a lamp with a translucent shade and higher lumens will be effective. For task lighting, adjustable or directional lamps, like arc or swing arm lamps, can focus light where you need it.
Floor lamps work well when placed near seating areas, such as beside a sofa or an armchair. They can also be positioned in dark corners to brighten the room or next to a reading nook. Consider placing them away from high traffic areas to prevent tripping or knocking them over.
There are several methods:
• Use cord covers or cable protectors that match your floor color.
• Run the cord along the baseboards, securing with adhesive clips.
• Position the lamp close to a wall outlet to minimize exposed cord length.
Consider the following:
• Purpose: Do you need ambient, task, or accent lighting?
• Design: Does the lamp's design match your room's aesthetic?
• Height & Size: Ensure it fits well within your space.
• Light Output: Check the bulb type and wattage compatibility.
• Features: Consider lamps with adjustable arms, dimmer switches, or multiple bulbs.
The ideal height depends on the lamp's purpose and your room's layout. Generally, floor lamps range from 58 to 64 inches tall. If it's for reading, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level when seated. For ambient light, choose a taller lamp that can spread light across the room.
The shade should typically be about two-thirds the height of the lamp base. For balance, the shade's diameter should be within 2 inches of the lamp's base length. Ensure the shade covers the bulb and socket when viewed from the side or above to avoid glaring light.