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Astro Lighting Spotlights

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Choosing lights such as Spotlights Indoor Lighting is one of the best parts of any home design project. Or maybe you just need to liven up a space with something new?

If you browse through our Spotlights Indoor Lighting collection, you'll see Spotlights lights of different shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of Astro Lighting lights available. A helpful tip – click on a picture when scrolling through and you'll often see additional images of Spotlights Indoor Lighting installed in a property.

Help & Advice

No, indoor spotlights are specifically designed for interior use and may not have the necessary weatherproofing or insulation to withstand outdoor conditions. Using them outside could pose safety risks and compromise the longevity of the light. If you need outdoor lighting, it's best to invest in lights specifically designed for outdoor use.
It’s very easy – just swivel to align them in any direction you wish.
Usually this functionality comes as standard with spotlights.
Many fittings already have dimmable functionality built in. For those that don't, you'll be able use dimmable bulbs and get your electrician to install the compatible dimmer that corresponds to your fitting.
This will depend on the fitting's IP rating. An IP rating classifies the degree of protection a fitting offers against moisture and liquid. Lights that are being used in a bathroom need to be rated IP44 and above.
Absolutely! Spotlights can be an excellent choice for living rooms. They offer focused lighting, which is great for highlighting specific areas or features like artwork. Additionally, with adjustable spotlights, you can direct light where it's needed, such as reading areas. However, the overall ambiance and function of the room will determine the suitability of spotlights. In spaces where you desire more diffused or ambient lighting, combining spotlights with other lighting types might be ideal.
The main difference lies in their lighting direction and purpose:
Spotlight: This type of light is designed to focus on a particular area or feature. It emits a directed, narrow beam of light, allowing you to "spotlight" specific areas, objects, or architectural details. Spotlights can be adjustable, enabling you to change the direction of the beam.
Downlight: Often referred to as recessed lights, downlights are typically mounted into the ceiling, emitting light downwards in a broad spread, providing more general and ambient lighting to a room. They tend to be more discreet since most of the fixture is recessed into the ceiling.
Both types of lights have their unique applications and can often be used together to achieve layered and multifunctional lighting in a space.