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Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lights and Reading Lights

Astro Leo Switched LED Recessed Bedroom Reading Light in Bronze
£194.50 £342.00
Astro Fosso Switched LED Indoor Reading Light in Bronze 1138011
£103.50 £182.40

Swing Arm Wall Lights and Reading Lights

Perfect for any area of the room where optimum light is required, but at flexible angles, our swing-arm wall lights cannot be beaten. They can be manipulated until the the beam is directed exactly where it is needed – perfect for reading, knitting and any other activity which requires close-up work. Elderly people also find this type of lighting useful as they can move the light around without having to get out of their chair or bed. The KES Lighting range is stunning in design as we have carefully chosen sleek, elegant lights which will enhance any room, whether it be chintzy and characterful or high-tech and ultramodern.

The range of finishes will add style to any area of the home or office – choose perhaps aluminium, brass plated, satin or polished chrome, from such quality makers as Astro, Franklite and Endon, all at extremely competitive prices and make a statement while also enjoying the practical aspects of our fittings. Take a look at the gorgeous Grok Hotels Benedito design in a painted satin nickel, which is an energy saving wall light in three different models, giving the choice of no arm, single articulation or double articulation and a choice of a beige or white shade. If black is more suitable, then what about the La Creu Torino with its stunning black pleated shade – we have something for any décor.

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Help & Advice

What are swing arm wall lights?

Swing arm wall lights are versatile lighting fixtures that feature an arm which can be adjusted to direct light where it's needed. They are perfect for tasks that require focused lighting, such as reading or knitting, and can be used in various settings, including bedrooms and offices.

Do you offer swing arm wall lamps in different styles?

Yes, we offer swing arm wall lamps in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from sleek modern designs to more traditional looks. This ensures you can find a lamp that matches your decor and personal aesthetic.

Are your swing arm wall lights energy efficient?

Many of our swing arm wall lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. However, the energy efficiency can vary between models, so it's best to check the specific product details.

Can swing arm wall lights be used as bedside lights?

Yes, swing arm wall lights are excellent choices for bedside lighting. They can be adjusted to direct light where it's needed, making them perfect for nighttime reading or other close-up tasks.

How are swing arm wall lights installed?

Swing arm wall lights should be professionally installed to ensure safety and optimal performance. The process typically involves mounting the light fixture to a wall and connecting it to the property's electrical system. For specific instructions, refer to the product's installation guide or consult with a professional.