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Bronze Traditional Wall Lights

Hinkley Spyre 2Lt Wall Light Metallic Matte Bronze HK/SPYRE2 MMB
£172.99 £318.00
Hinkley Lanza 2Lt Wall Light Brushed Bronze HK/LANZA2 BR
£111.89 £216.00
Feiss Fusion 2 Light Wall Light Grecian Bronze FE/FUSION2
£89.00 £150.00
Feiss Bellini 3 Light Wall Light Antique Bronze Quartz Crystal FE-BELLINI-W3
£278.75 £522.00
Astro Tate Indoor Wall Light in Bronze SHADE NOT INCLUDED 1334007
£82.80 £144.00
Feiss Fusion Single Wall Light Grecian Bronze FE/FUSION1
£76.46 £144.00
Kichler KL/LACEY1 MB Lacey 1Lt Mission Bronze Wall Light
£72.00 £132.00
Hinkley Dunhill 1 Light Wall Light Royal Bronze with Off-White Shade
£78.04 £135.00
Astro Lima Indoor Wall Light in Bronze SHADE NOT INCLUDED 1318009
£66.68 £109.20
Feiss Valentina 3 Light Wall Bracket Oxidised Bronze FE/VALENTINA/W3
£131.04 £240.00
Feiss Marcella 2 Light Ornate Bronze Gold Wall Light FE/Marcella2
£163.20 £300.00
Astro Carmel Indoor Wall Light in Bronze SHADE NOT INCLUDED 1405002
£25.75 £44.40
Elstead Crusader 2 light Burnished Bronze Wall Light CRUSADER W/L
£227.26 £450.00
Hinkley HK/FULTON2 Fulton 2Lt Bronze Wall Light
£179.52 £330.00
Kichler Celestial 1 Light Wall Bracket Cambridge Bronze with Fabric Shade
£122.99 £222.00
Troy Chauncey 1 Light Wall Bracket Vintage Bronze with Clear Glass Shade B6991-CE
Eichholtz Gascogne Large Wall Light Bronze Finish Glass Shade 110495
Eichholtz Gascogne Small Wall Light Bronze Finish 110492
Eichholtz Wall Lamp East Bronze Highlight Finish 115437
Troy Mondrian 1 Light Wall Light Textured Bronze with Opal Shade B6492-CE

Traditional Wall Lights

Our collection of traditional wall lighting embodies timeless elegance, offering a wealth of vintage, classical, and refined styles to enhance any space. These enduring designs provide a blend of nostalgia and class, suiting a wide array of tastes. Despite their traditional aesthetic, our wall lights maintain their relevance in modern interior design, serving as striking features that will enrich your home environment.
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Help & Advice

What styles are included in your traditional wall lighting collection?

Our traditional wall lighting collection encompasses a vast array of styles, from vintage and classical to other elegant designs. They are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and class to any room.

Can traditional wall lights fit into a modern interior design?

Absolutely, traditional wall lights can seamlessly blend into modern interiors. Their timeless aesthetic makes them versatile, allowing them to serve as striking features in any interior design, modern or classic.

How can traditional wall lighting enhance my home?

Traditional wall lighting can add a warm, nostalgic glow to any space. They serve not only as functional lighting but also as statement pieces, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your room. Whether it's illuminating a hallway, accenting a piece of artwork, or adding ambience to a living space, traditional wall lights bring timeless elegance to your home.

Do traditional wall lights come in different designs

Yes, our collection of traditional wall lights comes in a wide variety of designs to suit all tastes. From vintage to classical, you'll find a style that aligns perfectly with your home decor and personal preference.

Can traditional wall lighting be used as the main source of light in a room?

Traditional wall lighting can certainly provide significant illumination, but they are often used in conjunction with other light sources to create layered lighting in a room. This allows for more control over the mood and ambience of the space. However, depending on their design and bulb strength, some traditional wall lights can effectively serve as the primary light source in a smaller room or space.