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Verdigris Outdoor Wall Lights

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Outdoor Wall Lights

No home could ever really be complete without a selection of outdoor lights. Outdoor wall lights not only look great, but some people believe they will help in terms of security and safety, too.

When choosing wall-mounted outdoor lights, there are a number of interesting options. Many models follow what is known as a "coastal" look – meaning they wouldn't look out of place outside a fisherman's cottage or in a pirate's cove.

But there are also exterior wall lights that have a "Victorian city" feel about them – or those that are unashamedly modern. Not all wall lights are lanterns, either – KES has sourced some stunning fittings that bring to mind simple cylinders, textured squares and even moon-like orbs!

LED Wall Lights

Many of our lights are LED wall lights – meaning they take bulbs that are low-energy and built to last. In some tests, LED bulbs have even been shown to last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Outside wall lights like this can be a great choice if a light is likely to be left on for a long time – overnight, for example. Whether they are placed in a porch, patio or in the garden, exterior LED lights can be highly cost-effective.

Knowing where to begin can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to choosing outdoor wall lights, which is why we offer a free advisory service to all customers. Get in touch, and our friendly team will be happy to help.

Help & Advice

Absolutely – we’d encourage you to have your electrician fit motion detectors while installing you lights. Paired with LED bulbs, you’ll have 100% brightness instantly.
Always check the product specification section for confirmation – many come with built in LEDs. For those that don’t, we have a wide range of suitable bulbs available.
Outdoor wall lights are built to withstand wind, rain, snow, cold conditions etc. They are categorized by an IP rating, which shows how much protection each light has against the elements. Each code has two digits, the first one represents level of protection against solid elements, the second liquids. If the number greater than 4 then the light is suitable for outdoors.
While solar technology is improving, many solar lights sold today are poorly made and may provide disappointing results! For best results, we recommend professionally-installed mains-powered outdoor wall lights every time.
Yes absolutely, if you like the style and want to use it in your interior then there’s no reason not to – just be aware of the level of brightness that the fitting might produce and decide if that’s what you want.
Outdoor lights are typically sealed to keep out the worst of the weather. To begin, make sure your outside light circuit is turned off at the main and then refer to the original instructions to find out how to access the bulb. Make sure that you follow the instructions again so that you can re-seal the unit once the bulb has been replaced.
There is no one answer here – they vary enormously. And what is perfectly bright for one person will be too bright or too dim for another. Outdoor wall lights are typically made with the average user in mind, and in many cases on our website their lumen output is listed under the 'Specification' tab on its listing.

Outdoor wall lights look best where they will be seen! That means places like a porch or next to a patio. When carefully planned, they can be placed at different heights to accentuate different features.

Remember that you don't always have to place outdoor lights above things – such as a door. The right kind of exterior light can work wonderfully when placed at the side of the door – especially if you place one either side. They can look especially appealing when placed about 2/3 of the way up.

We don't recommend this.

Opinions vary, as it all a matter of personal taste. You may have seen photos of a luxurious property at night that is lit up like a Christmas tree and thought, 'Wow!'. You may equally have thought that the brightness of its outdoor wall lights was overpowering.

As a general rule, the wattage of your outdoor wall lights should be between 40 and 80 watts – though all lights have a maximum wattage, so be sure to check this.