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Staircase Pendants

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Staircase Pendants

In homes with double-height hallways, stairwell pendant lighting can transform and elevate the space. Not only do stairwell pendants illuminate the area, but they also infuse drama and flair, especially with long drop stairwell lighting.

For homes with a more traditional layout, smaller-sized drop pendants still amplify the light, imparting a spacious feel and serving as a striking focal point.

With our ceiling light collection, you can find the perfect balance between functionality and style, ensuring your stairwell's ambiance is both inviting and impressive.

Help & Advice

The best lighting for a stairwell combines functionality with aesthetics. Stairwell pendant lights, especially long drop stairwell lighting, are ideal for double-height spaces as they provide ample illumination while serving as an artistic focal point. For smaller stairwells, wall sconces or flush-mounted ceiling lights can be more appropriate to ensure even lighting.
Pendant lights can be hung in various areas depending on their purpose. Common places include over kitchen islands, dining tables, in bedrooms, living rooms, and in hallways or stairwells. The key is to ensure they're hung at an appropriate height for the space, providing optimal lighting without obstructing views or movement.
The ideal size for a stairwell pendant light largely depends on the dimensions of the stairwell itself. In double-height or large stairwells, larger and more dramatic pendant lights or chandeliers can be effective. In smaller or narrower stairwells, it's essential to choose a pendant that doesn't overwhelm the space but still provides sufficient lighting.
A chandelier in a stairwell should hang centrally, both in terms of width and length, to provide even lighting and create a harmonious visual balance. The bottom of the chandelier should hang at least 7-8 feet above the stairway to ensure safe head clearance. In double-height stairwells, consider hanging the chandelier so its center or main focal point is at eye level when viewed from the top landing. This provides a captivating view from both the top and bottom of the stairs.