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Impex CF03220/24/CH New York 24Lt Polished Chrome Tall Ceiling Chandelier
Impex SMRR00005C/A Refectory 5Lt Aged Iron Ceiling Chandelier
Impex CF03220/06/CH New York 6Lt Polished Chrome Ceiling Chandelier
Impex Maria Therese 5 Light Chandelier CP00150/05/G
Impex CB03220/24/CH New York 24 Light Czech Crystal Long Ceiling Chandelier Chrome
Impex CE02014/16/CH Le Harve Shower Lead Crystal Ceiling Pendant
Impex SMRR00119/BLKG Classica 9Lt Black Gold Ceiling Chandelier
Impex CF03220/08/CH New York 8Lt Polished Chrome Ceiling Chandelier
Impex CF110281/07/CH Barcelona Crystal 7 Light Stairwell Pendant Chrome Frame
Impex CB03220/08/CH New York 8 Light Chrome Czech Crystal Ceiling Chandelier
Impex CF01081/12/CH Diamond Crystal 12 Light Chandelier Chrome Frame
Impex SMRR01078/STR Saxon 8 Light Sterling Iron Ceiling Chandelier
Impex CB03220/24/G New York 24 Light Czech Crystal Tall Ceiling Chandelier Gold
Impex CF01081/18/CH Diamond Crystal 18 Light Chandelier Chrome Frame
Impex CF03220/24/G New York 24Lt Gold Long Crystal Chandelier
Impex SMRR00168/MBLK Mitre 8Lt Matt Black Ceiling Chandelier
Impex Maria Therese 12 Light Crystal Chandelier CP00150/8+4/G Gold
Impex SMRR01075/STR Saxon Sterling Ceiling 5 Light Iron Chandelier
Impex CP06033/40/CH Modra 40Lt Polished Chrome Crystal Chandelier
Impex Opava Georgian Style Preciosa Lead Crystal Chandelier CB125852/8
Impex CF20610/15/CH Padua 15 Light Tiered Stairwell Ceiling Pendant Chrome
Impex CE05340/08/CH Marseille 8 Light Crystal Chandelier Chrome
Impex 5 Light Georgian Style Preciosa Crystal Chandelier CB125246/05
Impex CE09192/12/CH Olovo Crystal Oval Ceiling Pendant Chrome
Impex CP00150/18+1/CH Maria Therese 19Lt Strass Crystal Chandelier
Impex SMRR00006C/BLKG Refectory 6Lt Black Gold Ceiling Oblong Chandelier
Impex SMRR00168/STR Mitre 8Lt Sterling Ceiling Chandelier
Impex SMRR01078/MBLK Saxon 8Lt Matt Black Ceiling Chandelier

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Here you will discover what sheer opulence is all about. There is no better ceiling light than a chandelier and this selection of Impex chandeliers will certainly get your imagination running wild. It is exciting and extravagant, yet very competitively priced; never has a selection been more beautiful and comprehensive. Whether you have a modern home or a characterful one, there is everything here to take you through the ages. Imagine a crystal chandelier with 28 lights over a long dining table - perfection - or a stunning single diamond crystal drop for a smaller area, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. These chandeliers will leave you in awe of the incredible choice and luxurious finishes.

The Starlight collection with its beautiful lead crystal and optical glass is minimalist in its stunning design and the Diamond Cube is incredibly glamorous - indeed this is suitable for any room or hallway and is popular in five star and boutique hotels. If it is sheer luxury that you are looking for, then see the Maria Theresa - perfect for that very special room where the ‘wow’ factor is essential.

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