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Lantern Lights

Impex LG/07000/09/PB Colchester 3Lt Polished Brass Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/11/AB Colchester 4Lt Aged Brass Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/09/AB Colchester 3Lt Antique Brass Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/15/CH Colchester 6 Light Chrome Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/15/AB Colchester 6Lt Antique Brass Chain Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/11/CH Colchester 4 Light Chrome Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/09/CH Colchester 3Lt Chrome Ceiling Chain Indoor Lantern
Impex LG00024/09/PB Regal 9 Light Indoor Lantern Cast Brass
Impex LG00024/06/CH Regal 6Lt Polished Chrome Indoor Lantern
Impex SMRRV00001/A Villa 3 Light Aged Iron Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lantern
Impex LG56115/04 Alicante 4 Light Brass Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/15/PB Colchester 6 Light Polished Brass Indoor Lantern
Impex LG07000/11/PB Colchester 4Lt Polished Brass Chain Indoor Lantern
Impex SMRRV00006/A Villa 1Lt Aged Iron Wall Lantern
Impex LG00029/CH Winchester 2Lt Polished Chrome Indoor Lantern
Impex SMRRV00006/ABLK Villa 1Lt Antique Black Wall Lantern
Impex SMRRV00005/A Villa 1Lt Aged Iron Traditional Indoor Lantern

We at KES Lighting think that you will be suitably impressed by this gorgeous selection of Impex lantern lights. They are uniquely different and while they are normally associated with period properties, you will soon see that this range goes beyond the boundaries and turns an old favourite into something stunning and new. You will still picture Georgian splendour and Victorian elegance, but with a twist that will appeal to contemporary home owners as well. Even the shapes and sizes will get your mind working as to where to put them - from cylindrical to hexagonal and bell shaped - they are all here.

Take for example the stunning cylindrically shaped brass lantern, LG07949/a/18, very modern and distinguished, it will certainly get your property noticed; perfect for the hallway, reception area or landing. Also the LG01765, available in brass and chrome; its four candle lights will bring to mind an elegant bygone era as will the stunningly beautiful LG01765, with its unique bell shape - perfect for a modern or traditional setting. Whichever you choose, this selection of lights will certainly create a very special look.

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