Eglo Cocoon Calandra Medium Flush Fitting 91883

Cocoon the original.Cocoon Calandra Medium Flush Fitting 91883.Let the luminaires of the Calandra series put you in a holiday mood: The shape of the pendant and ceiling lamps evokes starfish. A real eye catcher for every room!
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Cocoon the original

Cocoon Calandra Medium Flush Fitting 91883

Let the luminaires of the Calandra series put you in a holiday mood: The shape of the pendant and ceiling lamps evokes starfish. A real eyecatcher for every room!

Height: 135mm
Diameter: 580mm
Lamps: 2 x 60w E27
Nickel matt finish

It was about 5,000 years ago, when a small caterpillar had already written cocoon history: the silkworm, the larva of the silkworm moth, builds a cocoon for pupation from a filament that is 900 metres long. it is performing the heaviest work in the process as it needs to wrap itself with up to 300,000 loops. To get 250g of silk thread in silk production. some 3,000 cocoons will be needed which is approximately equivalent to 1kg.

We have taken this method as a model for the production of our cocoon luminaires. Cocoon is designated as a unique special formula licensed by Eglo from which an exremely resilient and elastic material is produced. Models of any kind can be covered with a diaphragm. The variety of shapes allows almost infinite possibilities and only the sky is the limit in terms of designer creativity.

Cocoon production is carried out in 3 steps:

True to the 'from the caterpillar to the butterfly' principle, the transformation process of a sober wire frame to a beautifully designed lighting fixture starts with the webbing process. In this process, the filament is sprayed onto the rotating frame until it is covered with the first layer of filaments.

Only a few hours later, the cocoon is ready for the second step of its transformation, the coating. For this a special coating material is being applied to the woven frame that combines with the filaments with the effect that the shade receives an extremely elastic skin. Already now the material is flexible enough to withstand being exposed to high levels of stress and is always able to regain its original form.

Finally, as crowning, the luminaire model will recieve a special varnish layer in addition. It protects the shade against soiling and can be cleaned using a wet cloth.

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