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Copper Outdoor LED Posts and Pedestals

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Outdoor LED Posts and Pedestals

You will be amazed at the different designs available in the Kes Lighting range of outdoor pedestal lamps. We appreciate the need for diversity with this type of lighting as there are so many different areas where they can be used. You may be thinking about your garden or patio, but consider placing them either side of the entrance to your driveway. They also are perfect on brick pillars either side of a gate or steps, providing security as well as a stunning feature. There is no type of property that does not benefit from this type of lighting, which is why we have included everything from contemporary to characterful.

For the modern home or business premises, consider the Calgary with its stunning cubist design, which can be used together with energy saving bulbs or the Terran, a unique style of outdoor pedestal lamps which will be sure to turn heads. For the more traditional, take a look at the Nerreza, a gorgeous lantern shape with leaded glass and the beautiful selection of stained glass, hand crafted with lead by Tanner. Well known manufacturers such as Elstead, Kolarz, Endon and Franklite complete our selection, with a choice of many different finishes.

All orders over £99 will qualify for free delivery and we try to dispatch within 24 hours, regardless of whether you live in the UK, Europe or other countries and all our outdoor pedestal lamps come with a minimum of 12 months guarantee and our offer of a free return within 14 days of purchase. These lights have been built to last and withstand the elements, allowing you to buy with total confidence. For further information, please click on our chat button, telephone or send us an email – we would love to hear from you.

Help & Advice

Outdoor Pedestal Lamps are freestanding outdoor light fixtures that provide both decorative and functional benefits. They can be used to illuminate driveways, gardens, patios, or other outdoor spaces, and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.
Outdoor Pedestal Lamps are quite versatile and can be used in various outdoor settings. They work perfectly when placed at the entrance of a driveway, on brick pillars next to a gate or steps, or even dispersed throughout a garden or patio area.
Yes, at KES Lighting, we offer Outdoor Pedestal Lamps in a range of styles, from modern designs to more traditional, characterful options. This ensures that you can find a lamp that perfectly complements the aesthetic of your outdoor space.
Absolutely. By providing illumination, Outdoor Pedestal Lamps can enhance the visibility and security of your outdoor spaces, making them a practical as well as aesthetic choice.